Our Crack Horoscopes

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    There are two eclipses in July. The solar (new moon) eclipse on the 2nd takes place in your sign, so for moon-ruled Cancer, that’s huge. Events around that time are likely to symbolise new beginnings in profound ways, setting a theme or tone for weeks or months ahead. Then there’s the build up to a relationship-focused lunar (full moon) eclipse on 16th. You’re letting go of some old relationships to make space for new, though releasing any kind of emotional connection whether positive or negative isn’t easy for you as it’s familiarity that makes most sense to you. The lesson for July though is it’s not a case of better the devil you know.

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    There’s a new moon eclipse on the 2nd, which means you’re thinking about making some important changes in coming weeks. Mars, planet of motivation and momentum, moves into your sign that same day, which means you’re not just thinking about it, you’re ready to act too. Mercury retrograde in your sign from 8th might indicate some delays, but also rescheduling or revisions that work in your favour. Full moon eclipse on the 16th is a good time to start new health and fitness plans, as the theme of transformation and make-over is big. Then the sun moves into your sign from 23rd, followed by Venus on 28th, which means it’s your time of year and you’re ready to sparkle.

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    Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde from the 8th, which means you’re changing your mind or approach to certain situations. It also sometimes means delays or disconnections but that work for you rather than against you. Two eclipses this month indicate important changes. The new moon eclipse on the 2nd is in your friendship chart, and it’s about new beginnings and meetings, or just seeing familiar faces in a whole new way (the 8th might be significant here too, for communication or messages). Then the full moon eclipse on 16th is about things coming full circle in some situations. It’s also about the power of good timing, which you have an undeniable instinct for this month.

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    There are two eclipses this month, making it one of the most powerful months of the year for change and transformation. The new moon eclipse on the 2nd is in your aims and ambitions chart and it’s about what you want to make space for and what is no longer a priority. There’s likely to be tough decisions made, or strong communication exchanged (especially around the 8th), although the effects of all that might take time to fully manifest. The full moon eclipse from the 16th is a hugely productive time but there’s also an element of having to deal with forces beyond your control; so it’s about letting things be, and keeping the faith to keep your sanity.

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    Two eclipses this month mean what’s important now will likely stay important for some time, because events around eclipse time often trigger long-term changes. New moon eclipse on 2nd is about changing your perspective. This can be literal, from travel or a change of location, or it can be from within, where you just begin to see things differently. Faith and belief are important to you this month too; faith in the bigger picture and belief in the best outcome happening, even before you have a clear path ahead in front of you. The full moon eclipse on the 16th is about conversation and discussions. Maybe it’s an uncomfortable or awkward conversation to have but it’s much needed.

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    Certain situations might trigger trust issues or tempt you to shut down and retreat during July, but you’re too interested in moving forward to stay stuck or hidden for long. New moon eclipse on the 2nd is about new life breathed into old situations, while Mercury retrograde from the 8th is about contact and connection with places and faces from the past. The full moon eclipse on the 16th happens in your money and resources chart, which means security and stability is of extra interest and focus. There are endings linked to this, in order to bring in new opportunities; so whatever leaves or feels lost this month is certain to be replaced and updated at some point.

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    There’s a solar (new moon) eclipse on the 2nd, all about new and supportive relationships (or new contracts, in the business or legal sense). Mercury retrograde from the 8th might mean reconnection or reunion in some way, or communication that repeats or reappears somehow. The lunar (full moon) eclipse on 16th is in your sign. This doesn’t happen often and indicates change and transformation, even if it’s just that you’re ready for a personal make-over or change of scene somehow. It’s likely deeper and more meaningful, and more long-term than that though, and its about letting go of the past to make room for an all new you.

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    New moon eclipse in your health and fitness chart on the 2nd means it’s a great time to start new approaches to wellbeing and self-care. Nourish and nurture are your keywords for the coming weeks and months there, while rest and relaxation are your keywords to surrender to around full moon eclipse time on the 16th. It’s also a month for relationships, especially romance, which isn’t shy in coming forwards from the 2nd (although you might not think so around 8th). Reunion or reconnections might be something to look forward to for July, but mostly you’re focused on the future not the past, especially from 23rd and 28th.

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    Two eclipses this month suggest there are important beginnings and endings in situations. New moon eclipse on the 2nd is in the most creative part of your chart, so the coming weeks and months are about launching new projects and finding new interests to pour your heart and soul into. Full moon eclipse on the 16th is about bringing certain situations to a head, or to a close. This might include some friendships or associations that don’t serve you, or that aren’t evolving or transforming to match who you are now. Mercury retrograde from 8th is about the past resurfacing somehow; maybe through communication or a random meeting; and it’s also about second or even third chances to get something right.

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    There’s a new moon eclipse on the 2nd, the same day that your ruler, the bold and feisty planet Mars, moves into your chart of creativity and romance. It means you’re hatching new plans in weeks and months to come, that stretch your comfort zones and ignite new interests and attractions. Mercury retrograde from the 8th means communication is sharp and focused; although there might be delays or rescheduling needed at times. Full moon eclipse on the 16th is in your aims and ambition chart, and it’s about finding that balance between work and home-life, or personal and public life. From 23rd you’re more comfortable than ever in the spotlight so perhaps public life wins.

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    Two major eclipses happen this month. The new moon eclipse on the 2nd is about making space for the kind of communication you’ve been wanting to have for a long time. Perhaps you’ve been putting off sending the email, or asking the question, or answering that text, but whatever it is, you’re now in the mood to address it. Mercury retrograde on the 8th in your home and family chart suggests reunions or reconnection in coming weeks. There’s nostalgia and faces from the past, or maybe some long lost information resurfaces. The full moon eclipse on the 16th is about where you want to draw the line in situations; the limits and boundaries are up to you.

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    A new moon eclipse in the money and resources part of your chart might mean new jobs, promotions, or income. Eclipses symbolise being left in the dark temporarily, so it’s a case of holding your nerve within uncertainty or insecurity, as the message is this too shall pass. Mercury retrograde from the 8th happens in your communication chart. It’s about reconnection with the past somehow, and there’s a sharpness or boldness about exchanges from that time that cuts through confusion. The full moon eclipse on 16th might trigger drama or power struggles. Again, this too shall pass; and more quickly if you don’t try to control the uncontrollable.