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corbridge60.jpg Corbridge, so named because when the Romans saw the bridge crossing the Tyne to the village they shouted ‘Cor! Bridge!’ Or perhaps that’s just another piece of Roman Wall hearsay. Either way, this village falls decidedly into the pretty (some may say twee) camp. However, the abundance of tearooms, art shops and cottages gives way nicely to a rather unexpected interiors shop called RE: which sells ‘REscued and REstored found objects from around the world’. And very stylish they are too. Also worth a visit whilst in Corbridge is Aydon Castle. This fortified 13th century manor house (converted to a farmhouse in the 17th century) has often been the setting for major films including Ivanhoe and Elizabeth. Other features on the list of things to do and see in and around Corbridge are the Corbridge Roman Site Museum and the delightful Dilston Physic Garden, a mere half mile up the road.





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