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20th March – 20th April Finances and income are your focus for November but early in the month there could be some obstacles. The feeling of wading through treacle to reach your goal can mean the timing is off somehow, so it makes sense to relax and don’t keep trying to push through it. Then from midmonth it’s clearer and the lunar eclipse on 19th indicates you are entering a more flowing, less treacle-like experience.

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20th April – 21st May The planets are very focused on you and the changes you’ve felt called to make for some time now. You’re in a restless, rebellious and no compromise mood all month, which might cause conflict with partners and those closest to you, but it’s about wanting freedom to be yourself, not to hurt anyone’s feelings. There’s a lunar eclipse on the 19th in your sign which turns the volume up on your call to action, and the weeks ahead are about what happens when you answer it.

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21st May – 21st June People with closed minds annoy you. They are no fun and make you feel a bit claustrophobic, but you might have to just rise above it and be happy anyway, otherwise you start to feel closed too, and you don’t want to turn into one of them. Happily, there’s plenty to stay open and receptive to during November, including a feeling of fate or destiny working through events. You’ve waited a long time for karma to catch up with certain folk, so there might be something to secretly smile about this month.

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21st June – 23rd July There’s a lunar eclipse on the 19th, which means events with big impact or long-term consequences for you during November. The eclipse theme is about whatever you put your heart into, so for example it’s anything creative, fun, or romantic. And it’s about the friendship, support, and team spirit in and around you during all that. Early in the month you might not be sure if others are helping or hindering progress but as weeks go by, what has felt impossible to you for a very long time starts to become possible at last.

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23rd July – 23rd August It’s about home/work balance this month, but it’s also about relationships too. So this could be about spending more time with your significant other instead of over-working, or it could be meeting a new love at work, or even starting to work with your partner. Whatever it is, at first it’s taking you right out of your comfort zone and takes some getting used to. But as November continues, this disruption to familiar routines becomes a freedom to embrace and would miss if normal service was resumed.

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23rd August – 23rd September November requires faith that freedom holds security, not just uncertainty of the unknown. It’s not always easy to step into the new and away from the old, but for a long time now you’ve been craving to let go of what no longer serves you while feeling stuck or unmoved to release it. Events this month move you, whether you’re ready or not, but you are likely ready by the time the ‘clear the clutter’ lunar eclipse arrives on the 19th.

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23rd September – 23rd October It’s a month of endings, which means new beginnings too. New moon on the 4th is about doors that are opening, while the lunar eclipse on the 19th is about what you’re letting go of in order to step into new territory. This is especially true for relationships, where single Librans might be meeting someone new while those already taken are ready for relationships to evolve one way or another; either to end or find new levels of love and partnership together.

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23rd October – 22nd November This is your kind of month. The sun in your sign until 22nd means you can focus on you and the positive transformation you’re going through right now. New moon in your sign on the 4th is about testing your ability to respond rather than react to situations, which is not easy given circumstances; and the lunar eclipse on the 19th in your relationship chart is about significant change somehow, maybe suddenly or unexpectedly, but it’s about a new sense of stability in the long run.



22nd November – 22nd December On the one hand November is about new beginnings and leaps of faith with wild abandon (your favourite kind) but on the other hand it’s about looking after yourself to avoid burnout while waiting for the confusion to clear to look before you leap. Sounds conflicting but it’s about playing it by ear, feeling your own sense of balance and then choosing which approach works best for that moment. There’s no right or wrong path for November, just which one fits best here and now.



22nd December – 20th January Capricorn doesn’t like asking for help. You don’t mind others asking you, but it feels icky the other way around. But November is all about that sense of community and team spirit that comes from everyone working together and supporting each other, so you don’t want to let the side down by not asking for help when you need it. In other words, you aren’t meant to carry it all yourself this month, and you’re doing your bit by letting others know this.



20th January – 18th February Big change in routines and habits happening this month. Perhaps it’s a new job or new home, maybe both, but revolution is in the air, making what was on a firm footing feel just a little less stable. There’s method to the madness though, and that is where you must find your stability for now, by having faith in the method, especially when it’s your method. First half of November likely feels a bit of a discomfort zone, but by lunar eclipse on 19th you’ve settled cosily into the unsettled.

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18th February – 20th March It’s about new perspectives and horizons for you this month. It might be a break away somewhere scenic or a good career move, but it’s also about mind-expanding experiences like education and learning or meeting some fascinating people that give you food for thought. It’s all set to open your heart as well as your mind, and get you looking forward as well as moving forward, especially after midmonth during the transformative lunar eclipse on the 19th.