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20th March – 20th April Your ruling planet Mars stands close to the new moon on the 12th, as a powerful symbol of a new you, seeking new horizons. This might be through travel or education, or anything that brings new perspectives, people, places and vistas into your life as you’re hungry for food for thought and the wisdom of experience. You might just be in the imagining or planning stages of a lot of this, but there’s still plenty happening this month to satisfy too.

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20th April – 21st May It’s the kind of month where choices, commitments, contracts, agreements are made, and it’s because you (and others) are in the mood for trusting the process. New moon on the 12th might bring signs of this, or papers to sign. Even if its not so formal at first (it will be by the end of dec), the mood is upbeat, the news is good, and the party is started.

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21st May – 21st June The sun is shining on your most important relationships for much of the month, and the new moon on the 12th is an amazing symbol of movement, action and progress. If you were waiting for someone to take the next step or make the first move (especially romantically), then this is the kind of month that you see what you’ve been looking for. It’s not always straightforward or direct, as Mercury is retrograde from the 13th but even when taking the most scenic route, you’re going to feel you’re getting somewhere this month.

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21st June – 23rd July You’re full of busy all December but especially first half of the month. The new moon on the 12th is about new jobs, daily routines and also new health and fitness routines. Winter solstice on the 22nd focuses your mind towards relationships and romance; especially if it’s a new romance from old friendship. Your annual full moon on the 27th focuses on friendship past present and future too. It really is the time to enjoy and appreciate it.

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23rd July – 23rd August The planets are lining up in your chart of parties and good times. There’s a new moon at this angle of your chart on the 12th, which means you don’t want same old routine, same old decorations, same old Christmas songs. Not at first anyway. But by the time winter solstice hits on the 22nd, you are feeling the call of tradition and are happy with nostalgia, cosy in your comfort zone (especially around 27th).

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23rd August – 23rd September There’s a strong emphasis on home and family this month. It’s about nostalgia and looking to the past, but there’s also new beginnings arising from all this somehow as the new moon on the 12th speaks of a new journey you are taking. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde from the 13th, so is also looking to the past. Perhaps you’re dusting off old plans and ideas, to reassess and rekindle for the new year.

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23rd September – 23rd October Your ruler Venus is in the angle of your chart linked to finances, purchases and value. It’s certainly the time of year for it, but just like Christmas this chart angle is not all about the presents; it’s also about value in the sense of self-worth and about what you appreciate in yourself and in others. First week of December particularly is about this, and there’s also a theme of communication and dialogue. Lots to appreciate, given and received.

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23rd October – 22nd November Venus is in your sign till 29th, putting relationships, love and romance top of the agenda, especially during first week. Memories, nostalgia and the past are important too, as Mercury Retrograde in your house of communications means contacts from the past are getting in touch or you’re reaching out to them. Maybe this is the right time for it, as this month there’s also a theme about time and good timing.



22nd November – 22nd December There’s something about allowing the feeling of uncertainty that allows the best Wow, what a powerful month (and what a powerful year ahead, as your annual new moon on the 12th contains the theme for the next 12 months). This new moon partners with fiery go-getting Mars, so it’s about moving mountains, increased energy, inspired ideas, and exciting challenges. Another good omen for the year ahead is that your ruling planet Jupiter ends retrograde on 31st and is moving forward again as the new year begins.



22nd December – 20th January First half of December feels out of your hands, not in your control a lot of the time. Not much you can do about what is going on, except surrender to the best of it. As you’re the zodiac sign that invented extreme planning and prepping this might be your worst nightmare, so just do your best until winter solstice on the 22nd, when the sun moves into your sign and normal service is resumed. The full moon on the 27th is a special one for you, full of promise, plans and prep for the good times up ahead.



20th January – 18th February First half of December is about the power of the group, particularly the power of your group of friends and support network. It’s a sociable month, packed full of warm welcomes, wisdom and deep meaning; almost like your own Christmas movie. Around the 22nd you might be more in hermit mode, enjoying some solstice peace and quiet, and then there’s a very positive full moon on the 27th to light your way into the new year.

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18th February – 20th March Work and career are fabulously spotlighted for December and the new moon on the 12th is a gift, all about action, movement and expansion in this area of your life. You’re feeling energised and empowered, so it’s a good time for first steps like interviews or meetings that will develop into something more solid in weeks to come. It’s a month that can feel like a wandering path at times, and events might not seem to make sense until later sometimes, but they always do in the end.