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20th March – 20th April It’s all about timing this month. Situations might be causing impatience or frustration as things aren’t happening at the right time for you; people dragging their feet, or delays in deliveries and meetings. But it’s about having faith that there’s a right place and a right time for everything. In other words, time is not running out on you.

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20th April – 21st May There are a number of planets in your sign this month that suggest unusual or unexpected events bringing a new sense of freedom and much more interest in what’s new and what the future can offer, rather than the past and what’s familiar. It also means you’re enjoying the fruits of hard work you’ve done in the past, so it’s a month to appreciate and enjoy what you’ve earned and learned.

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21st May – 21st June Friends and fam get togethers are on the cards, along with more focus on fun and enjoyment than of late. Romance is also highlighted here, so even though the planet patterns aren’t the easiest at times this month you’re finding a path around obstacles rather than feeling blocked. Mars moves into your sign from the 20th which means things get done rather than thought about.

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21st June – 23rd July August has a theme for you of breaking comfort zones and moving into unfamiliar territory. As you are a creature of habit this might not feel easy at first, but the new experience is calling you so strongly, in whatever form it takes, maybe a new job, diet or relationship (or all of it), that nothing can stop you. August energy is most challenging from around 9th to full moon on the 12th but starts to make complete sense around new moon on the 27th.

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23rd July – 23rd August The sun is in your sign until the 23rd, which means the world feels more on your wavelength than usual, and there are opportunities to recharge batteries and feel the sun’s energy boost. This is helpful for you as there are a few obstacles to overcome, mostly from the 9th through the 14th when situations (and especially certain people) can feel super stubborn and inflexible.

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23rd August – 23rd September It’s all about seeing the bigger picture and choosing the better perspective during August because despite there being a few challenges around, there has never been more reason to expect a miracle or two when you least expect it. The sun moves to your sign on the 23rd, and there’s a new moon in your sign on the 27th. This happens once a year and it’s about planting hopes and dreams for the year ahead (much like a personal new year).

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23rd September – 23rd October There’s so much you must take on trust this month because there’s so much you can’t control within situations. What’s nice about settling into this kind of surrender is that it opens you to some very welcome things happening that the universe can throw in your path when you least expect it. Also, the planets are activating your fun and friendship chart, and there are some happy reconnections and reunions in store.

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23rd October – 22nd November The focus is on your relationship chart, where a rare pattern of planets is forming for August, suggesting unusual, unexpected, new and exciting events linked with partners (in love or business), or contracts, agreements and commitments. August in general has some quite challenging energy to deal with in certain situations but when things go well they really go fantastically well.



22nd November – 22nd December The planets are giving you the message to not overthink things and give yourself a break from trying to single-handedly solve everyone’s problems, and focus instead on enjoying yourself. Not easy when everyone appears to have problems they want you to solve, but it’s amazing how solutions appear right out of the blue when you stop focusing on the issue and hold faith instead.



22nd December – 20th January The planets have been pushing a message about following your heart’s desire for some time now, and maybe it’s this month that you make the break and take that leap, as it looks like there’s the perfect blend of the right opportunity appearing, along with your confidence levels raising, giving you the sense of being ready to act exactly when the time is right.



20th January – 18th February It’s not the easiest of months and the path isn’t the most straightforward anywhere, but the opening days of August have a rare, unusual and unpredictable energy that says there’s no limit to what can be achieved, especially with your calm, cool approach and keen sense of timing. The annual full moon in your sign is on the 12th, which speaks of things coming to a head or coming to fruition during August, some of which you’ve waited a long time for.

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18th February – 20th March Some events happen quickly this month, not necessarily unwelcome, but too quick to think about or plan for and all you can do is take that leap of faith and choose the sudden change of direction. Despite any unexpected events, you are often the calm centred energy that others seek out and this month maybe more so, and there’s a new moon in your relationship chart on the 27th which can mean new or renewed love and harmony.