Our Crack Horoscopes

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    The sun is in your sign until 23rd, which means it’s your time of year and the world feels more on your wavelength; so make the most of that, and the opportunities that come your way (especially around 13th, 15th, 21st, 30th), particularly as Mars, planet of motivation and initiative is in your sign from the 4th, meaning you are becoming more driven, focused and clear about where you want to go and what you want to achieve. The full moon on 13th is your relationship moon of the year, which shines a spotlight on unresolved issues so they can be dealt with, creating deeper connection and harmony in the long-term.

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    Love and money planet Venus is in your sign, Scorpio, from the 8th. Venus is about relationships, harmony, what you value and what you are worth, so these themes will be of importance all month, especially mid-month when you’re ready to cut ties with the past, during an emotionally bold and direct full moon on 13th, and once the sun moves to your sign from 23rd, you’re feeling more like yourself than you have for a long time. The annual new moon in Scorpio on the 28th also has this theme of breaking with the past, especially relationships, agreements or contracts that no longer serve you. Endings bring beginnings, as every Scorpio knows.

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    It’s a social kind of month, warm, bright and entertaining; plenty to agree with and feel in harmony with. You want to keep things balanced and stable with no intention to rock any boats, but sometimes you’re just that sort of person that rocks boats (especially 7th, 12th, 28th). A positive full moon on 13th is about a situation drawing you out of your shell (comfort zone) and you getting interested and involved. Then from 23rd it’s about not trying to control the uncontrollable, and a very powerful new moon on 28th is about sudden new beginnings, now or in weeks to come, that have a feeling of fate or destiny to them. Your kind of adventure, in other words.

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    From the 3rd, planet Pluto, which is about clearing clutter and letting go of the past, moves forward in your sign. It means situations that have felt stuck or stagnant, or that you’ve been unable to let go of for some time, will naturally move and change again. Maybe you’ve felt if you didn’t micro-manage a situation it wouldn’t work out, or that a loss or lack of control in a process meant things wouldn’t happen for you. Well this feeling should turn around during October, visible perhaps in what happens around 7th, 8th, 12th, and 13th, but mostly around 28th, during the powerful new moon, which speaks of clearing and freeing up space and time for what matters most.

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    You’re sorting your head out about a lot of things as October gets underway. New ways of seeing old problems re-energises and inspires you, and certain pressures or obstacles can give way by full moon time on 13th. It’s a communication focused full moon, so it’s about news and information you’ve been waiting for, as well as getting your message across to those that matter. From the 3rd you’re extremely focused on career or long-term plans and ambition, culminating in an important new moon on 28th that speaks of a true breakthrough opportunity. It’s like a door will open suddenly for you, in the next few weeks, that can change everything.

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    A big feel good factor for October comes from sharing: gatherings, meetings and celebrations are in store. Maybe it’s family but friendships old and new are important this month too. A financially focused full moon on 13th gets you thinking about income, security and stability, and you’re in the mood to sort savings or balance books. It’s a great time to start learning something new or be drawn to satisfy your soul with a bit of culture, art or philosophy, and maybe travel is the way you want to do it. The new moon on 28th speaks strongly of this, with maybe a sudden or unexpected break in routine that takes you to new horizons.

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    Bold and direct planet Mars is your ruler, and it moves to your chart of relationship and partnership from 4th, which means you’re in the mood to confront any obstacles or problems stopping you being where you want to be. This can mean in love but also work and business, as it’s about all contracts and agreements, and the annual full moon in your sign on 13th might mean movement or completion on this. It’s certainly a romantic month (especially around 21st); there’s emotional depth and the desire to drop the guardedness and really connect (8th, 12th), but the new moon on 28th is especially powerful for this, now and into November too.

  • taurus.jpg


    You’re coming to a new understanding and perspective that clear up confusion or questions you’ve had for a while. October brings justice and fairness to certain situations too, a feeling of a level playing field, and that the odds aren’t as stacked against you as once thought. It’s a very relationship orientated month (especially 8th, 23rd and 28th), and one way to make things right with yourself is to let others be wrong. No need to point out the error of their ways either. The annual new moon in your love and relationship chart on 28th speaks of new or renewed love and partnership in store, and romance that strikes when you least expect it.

  • gemini.jpg


    Your ruler Mercury moves to your chart of health and fitness from 3rd, which shows this is your focus for the month (powerfully around 28th). Venus arrives here from 8th, and the Sun from 23rd, which means you’re seeking harmony and balance for body mind and soul, and investing time and effort to do it. Mercury is the researcher and information gatherer, which doesn’t mean google your ailments; it’s more about updating your knowledge on what options and solutions are out there, for diet or exercise for example. The new moon on 28th is about sudden powerful change; perhaps answers appear you’ve been waiting for, or you get that lightbulb moment that opens your mind and your route forward.

  • cancer.jpg


    Tensions build during first half of October, maybe linked to family relationships, and it’s a case of do you want to be right or do you want to be happy; as It can be self-defeating to keep pushing the issue when they just keep pushing back. All will be resolved through harmony not pressure. An ambitious full moon on 13th, is great for career or any long-term plans that require a bold next step, or a step out of your comfort zone. There’s romance or travel, or both, around 15th and 21st, then from 23rd and especially from new moon time on 28th, it’s about friendship, freedom and entertainment.

  • leo.jpg


    Much of the month has a theme of clarity and communication, so messages, information and discussions are happening, especially around full moon time on 13th, which sheds new light or understanding on something close to your heart. What felt like a situation with odds stacked against you can now turn into a win/win for all involved (which is what you wanted in the first place). From 23rd the focus shifts to home and family, and the new moon on 28th is a powerful symbol of change. It speaks of sudden or unexpected new beginnings linked to comfort zones and emotional attachments. Maybe a break with the past and a leap of faith into the future is on the cards.

  • virgo.jpg


    Much of October focuses on finance and income and the current limitations that stop you from being where you want to be, and while it’s maybe not a month of lottery wins (maybe), there are still improvements that can be made, and you’re intent on finding ways to that, especially around 4th, 9th and 13th. It’s a communication focused month too, so you’ll be busy finding the right words, or receiving the words you’ve been waiting for. Being there for others, just to listen, is also an important part of communication this month. Events around new moon on 28th might bring surprising or eye-opening information.