Our Crack Horoscopes

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    Your ruling planet Jupiter has been in your sign for the past year, so it’s been a time of self-development. From the 2nd, Jupiter moves to your chart of finance and income, and as this planet is associated with luck, expansion, and opportunity, it means another interesting year ahead. This part of your chart is also about ownership and property, and Jupiter likes to go large where possible so maybe a bigger house will be necessary for all the new stuff. But it’s about good timing too, meaning there’s an extremely practical and sensible vibe to this new Jupiter journey, which is about moving forward in manageable steps and stages, and not running before walking.

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    It’s your time of year, when the sun moves to your sign (also known as winter solstice) on the 22nd. But before that, from the 2nd and for the whole next year, Jupiter moves to your sign. It’s known as the planet of opportunity, luck and good fortune, and the last time it was in your sign was late 2007 and 2008, so look back to then to see how life expanded and what doors opened for you. Events around midmonth might be significant in this for sudden or unexpected opportunity, but especially from 26th when there’s a new moon solar eclipse in your sign, which is all about the total new you that is emerging, now and the new year to come.

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    Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth is moving into the most spiritual part of your chart from the 2nd, for the next year. It means plenty of opportunities arising to feed and nourish the soul, with good things happen effortlessly once you get into the habit of going with the flow and letting the universe take the reins. All month but especially midmonth, situations can work out quickly and in unexpected of ways. Then love planet Venus moves into your sign from the 20th, and there’s a powerfully spiritual new moon eclipse for you on the 26th. Eclipses set the tone for weeks or months in advance, so set your intentions and wishes, and believe that the universe will work its magic.

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    Events for much of the month bring out your ambitious side and competitive nature, especially regarding work and career. The full moon on 12th focuses your energy on home and family, where maybe there’s news or communication coming. Planet Jupiter moves to your chart of friendship and fun on the 2nd, for the next year, which means social life is expanding, and you’re meeting more kindred spirits and soul family. What happens midmonth might bring sudden or unexpected invitations or connections linked to this, and also around 26th when there’s a powerful new moon eclipse amplifying the theme of new beginnings in this area of your life in weeks and months to come.

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    Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, and for the first time since 2008 it’s in your chart of work and ambition (for the next year). Jupiter is known as the planet of good fortune and luck, so don’t be shy to move onwards and upwards toward your dreams, starting with some sudden or swift changes in pace or direction around the 15th, and especially after eclipse time on the 26th. This solar eclipse in your work and ambition chart indicates significant change and progress is in store. Maybe not overnight but step by step over the coming year your plans and proposals will be fulfilled, so aim high.

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    Jupiter moves to your faith and belief chart on the 2nd, for the next year, which means it’s all about the perspective you choose and seeing the bigger picture. This is also your travel and education chart, so expect more holidays, learning curves and soul journeys. Maybe you get a taste of some of the opportunities in store around the 15th, when Jupiter lines up with your sign, but especially around the 26th, when the new moon solar eclipse happens in your chart of faith. Events around that time will likely be outstanding for some reason and have long-term impact; even if it’s just about finally gaining enough clarity about a new direction to commit to it.

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    The sun moves through your partnership chart until the 22nd, along with your ruler Mercury, indicating good communication, news, and discussions. There’s a full moon in your sign on the 12th that heightens emotions in relationships or gets stuck situations moving. It’s a call for balance or compromise with others, and a call for love and relationship to be more of a priority in coming months. The new moon solar eclipse on 26th is in your chart of trust and intimacy, also indicating new and important journeys of the heart and soul taking place in weeks and months to come. This eclipse answers hopes and dreams, so be clear what you want and wish for.

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    Two big events in the astro calendar are significant for your sign this month. First is Jupiter, planet of good fortune and opportunity moving to your relationship chart on the 2nd, for the next year. Jupiter’s presence here means partnerships are either growing and flourishing, or they are moving to one side to make room for ones that can. Midmonth brings opportunities and breakthroughs through friendships, groups and gatherings; some of which have been developing for months but now the time is right. The second big event is the solar eclipse in your relationship chart on the 26th. This is about new long-term commitments in love or business (or both), now and in months to come.

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    There is much happening this month linked to work and career. Planet Jupiter brings expansion and opportunity, and it’s moving into this area of your chart from the 2nd, for the next year. So daily schedules and appointments are likely to get busier and in need of more streamlining and organising to be most effective (especially around 15th), and new job opportunities or promotions are likely too, particularly once the energy of the new moon solar eclipse gets flowing on the 26th, and this is energy that can last weeks or months. This area of your chart is also about health and fitness, so it’s about practical plans and new commitment to wellbeing, now and for the year ahead.

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    Jupiter, planet of luck and opportunity, moves to the most creative zone of your chart for the next year, from 2nd. It means what matters to you from your heart and soul, can manifest in abundance. It’s also about fun and entertainment as it’s about what you enjoy, and romance and dating too, especially for soulmates. Events around midmonth can give you a taste of how swiftly and unexpectedly things can happen related to all this. But the time to really take note of what’s happening is from the 26th, during the new moon eclipse, as it indicates the seeds of these new beginnings and opportunities starting to grow and develop now and in months to come.

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    December is a significant month for you, especially related to home and family, and heralds the start of a significant year in this area of your life. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, growth and expansion, moves to your home and family chart on the 2nd, for the next year, and there’s an important new moon eclipse here on 26th, that speaks of new beginnings with long-term impact, developing now and in months to come. And all December, but especially around 15th, there’s a bit of magic in the air, where just a whiff of a positive perspective from you and some faith in the bigger picture can open opportunities and turn stuck situations around.

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    Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion, moves to your communication chart from the 2nd, for the next year. It means you’re finding your voice more powerfully than ever before, and the universe is bringing endless opportunities to get your message across. Notice what happens around midmonth in relation to this, especially 12th and 14th; when what feels hard work, intense or even negative, can turn around suddenly and surprise you. The solar eclipse on 26th is a potent symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings emerging over the coming weeks and months. It’s from that time that you’re ready to formulate plans and bring foundation and structure to your highest hopes and dreams.