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20th March – 20th April You’re finding freedom in company and crowds all year, especially February when life gets busy and revolves around groups, gatherings and teamwork. During April this might be linked to job or income and might require some hard choices or decisions during May. July is about creativity and romance, and September is a month for reunions and relationship renewal. End of the year is about travel and adventures.



20th April – 21st May Your big theme for 2021 is seeking more freedom in career. Maybe you’re embarking on a whole new path, or just wanting more flexibility within current circumstances, whatever it is for you personally, February is a big month for new beginnings. April is when you’re feeling more uncompromising, innovative and creative than ever, which means you’re more than a match for any challenges the rest of the year brings.



21st May – 21st June Every 19 years there are eclipses in your sign which light up new ways to follow your heart’s desire. The solar eclipse in June focuses on the new you that is emerging (especially during February), and the solar eclipse in December focuses positively on relationship and romance, which is a big theme for you in 2021. The key to success this year is allowing intuition to override deep set beliefs or rigid perspectives, meaning it’s ok to change your mind.



21st June – 23rd July Breaking old rules, limits and boundaries to discover a new sense of freedom is your theme for 2021. It’s all about breaking free of the past, and of past expectations of yourself and others, so all year you’re drawn to faces and places that are out of your old comfort zone. Especially during February, June and December but really it’s a running theme for the whole year.



23rd July – 23rd August The planets are powerful for February in your relationship chart, meaning it’s a rare time for love and romance, and for collaborations of all sorts. Eclipses in early summer and winter focus on new friends and like-minds, revolving around new interests and entertainment. These eclipses are also about creativity and your artistic nature, so it’s a year for putting the heart of who you are into what you do.



23rd August – 23rd September 2021 is about breaking free of limiting beliefs, especially around work and career. February, June and December are months for dissolving ties or bonds with the past, and February especially is good time to move forward into a new job or promotion. Jupiter, planet of good luck and fortune, moves into your relationship chart from May through July, and yes it means luck and good fortune for love and romance, and also for contracts and agreements.



23rd September – 23rd October Lots of planets line up in your creativity and romance chart for February, and there’s a running theme all year (especially feb, June and December) with situations that challenge you to keep breaking your comfort zone and put your most authentic self out there. It’s finding the balance of hiding to play it safe and trusting it’s safe to put your head above the parapet, the secret is timing.



23rd October – 22nd November Planets are lining up in your home and family chart during January and February, which means it’s a busy time in that area of your life, and whatever happens seems to set a theme for the year. For example any plans made are long-term commitments, and events have long-term impact, especially with partners. April is highlighted for love and romance, as is November, when there’s a rare eclipse energising your relationship chart.



22nd November – 22nd December Home and family are highlighted from May when your ruler Jupiter visits this part of your chart for the first time in 12 years. It indicates expansion, and a feeling of luck and good fortune too. The June eclipse sheds new light on relationships, while a rare eclipse in December in your sign indicates new direction, confidence and faith. It’s as if the whole year was building to the new opportunities this eclipse brings with it.



22nd December – 20th January Last year the planets were about dramatic change and rebirth for Capricorn. The good news is you are through it, bar some residue or echo, so it’s time to turn your attention to where those changes are leading you ( to the light at the end of the tunnel). January and especially February is all about new income, purchases and property, and February, June and December is about breakthroughs from working creatively with current limits.



20th January – 18th February You are the focus of much planetary attention this year! Which means 2021 is about new beginnings, updates and renewal. Especially during February when everything seems to be happening at once. You’re feeling in the mood to break with tradition, rules and the past at that time, also in June and December. April is a month for house moves or renovation. Finances flow freely from May, while July is the hottest month for romance.



18th February – 20th March Spirituality and your place in this life, love and the universe is a theme for you for 2021, which might sound too serious or too deep, but it’s where you feel the most love, fun, and light-heartedness that you are the most spiritual. February might be the start of a new spiritual path, and In general things are maybe more easy/fun from May through July, when lucky planet Jupiter visits your sign.