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20th March – 20th April It’s a busy month for Aries, with up to 5 planets at times in your sign. This means lots of energy and activity for whatever you set your mind and heart on. One of these 5 planets is Jupiter, planet of luck, opportunity, faith and wisdom, which starts a yearlong stay in your sign from the 11th (Last time was about 12years ago). It indicates a new or renewed cycle of expansion and prosperity is underway, along with good vibes and a positive outlook.

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20th April – 21st May The recent new moon eclipse in your sign is about long-term change. Eclipses speak of a temporary period of unknown or uncertainty, followed by the return of clarity and the ability to see the road ahead. So much of May is about holding your nerve and standing your ground, while stubbornly keeping the faith despite lack of evidence until it all suddenly makes sense. And it will.

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21st May – 21st June Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde from the 10th, in your sign. Which means a return or reconnection with the past somehow, with who you were or who you wished you were. It’s also about revised plans, backtracking, or the feeling of going over old ground in communication. Watch for some strange but wonderful synchronicity or coincidences too, because the sign of the twins in retrograde tends to manifest repeating patterns, numbers, names or places.

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21st June – 23rd July Jupiter, planet of expansion and opportunity, moves to your chart of long-term plans and ambition (especially career) from the 11th, for the next year. Last time was around 12years ago, so think back to then for ideas how the energy might work now. This Jupiter cycle could also fill some gaps left open last time, meaning it’s the right time now when it wasn’t before. Closed gaps also can mean closure coming on some situations, maybe around lunar eclipse time on the 16th.

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23rd July – 23rd August The lunar eclipse on the 16th is about your future direction and plans regarding home and family. There’s been a sense of things coming full circle somehow recently, and it has got you thinking more and more about future security and stability. Jupiter, planet of prosperity, is starting a yearlong journey through your chart of travel and education from the 11th, so maybe this involves moving house or new career training. Whatever it takes to support long-term future intentions.

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23rd August – 23rd September Your ruler Mercury is retrograde from the 10th, in your career and long-term plans chart. It means you might be re-assessing plans or career moves, or perhaps there’s a return or reconnection with the past somehow. There’s also a focus on travel and learning, with a powerful lunar eclipse happening on the 16th, which is about seeing things in a new light, or from a different perspective or vantage point. Sometimes it takes literally visiting new places for the mind to open to new ways, information, and inspiration.

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23rd September – 23rd October Planets are gathering in your relationship chart this month, which means lots of focus and energy, and lots going on at once (especially around 25th and 29th). From the 11th Jupiter begins a journey through this part of your chart for the next year, and it means relationships are a source of expansion, upliftment, opportunity, and positivity. Last time was about 12years ago, so look back to see how these themes came true for you back then.

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23rd October – 22nd November This time of year often has an increased focus on relationships and partnerships for you, not only romance, but family, work, business, and even legal contracts and agreements. And this year on the 16th there’s a lunar eclipse in your sign, which is about you clearing clutter in your life, emotionally as well as physically. It doesn’t necessarily mean relationships end, but you will be tidying them up, and maybe defining boundaries or small print. It’s all for the good but can seem messy in initial stages.



22nd November – 22nd December Your ruling planet Jupiter is moving into your chart of romance and creativity from the 10th, for the next year. It means whatever you like to put your heart and soul into is entering a period of expansion and prosperity. Last time Jupiter did this was around 12years ago, so look back to then for ideas of what might blossom and grow now. This is the part of your chart that is also about fun and enjoyment, so take that as your main theme for the next year and enjoy the journey.



22nd December – 20th January This month you have a perfect blend of harnessing creative potential and practicality, which means projects you are passionate about get done and not just daydreamed about. You’ve always been good at sorting out the steps needed to get yourself to where you want to be, it’s just sometimes you’ve put goals aside because you’ve judged them too unreachable or too artistic and imaginative for your pragmatic outlook. Not anymore, as the time is right for small steps towards the grand design.



20th January – 18th February You’ve accomplished so much recently and feel the fulfilment of that, but for some reason it makes what’s left to achieve seem even more of a challenge you don’t know how to solve. So when you surrender to the idea that real miracles happen every day all over the world, and are quite normal in the scheme of things (they just go unreported), you open to miracles being the norm in an everyday kind of way in your own life. It takes all the drama and the tension out of wishing and praying.

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18th February – 20th March Jupiter, planet of opportunity, expansion, and faith, moves to your finances and resources chart from the 11th, for the next year. It means a big increase in confidence, purpose and direction regarding finances, income, buying and selling. This is not about talking yourself into fearless blind leaps of faith (not wise), it’s more about a growing awareness of your own internal compass and trusting it for the next step. You just ‘know’ it’s there within you, and is there for you.