Our Crack Horoscopes

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    The sun is in your sign until the 20th, which means it’s your time of year when the world feels more on your wavelength. There’s a full moon in your love and relationship chart on the 9th (and it’s a supermoon too!) which is about gaining clarity and feelings and emotions start making sense at last. Communication moves forward in partnerships and friendships too, particularly from the 16th. Planet Saturn moves to the most spiritual part of your chart from the 22nd, for the first time in years. Saturn is about developing your spiritual nature, and the easiest most practical (Saturn) way to do that is through a tangible structure, like meditation or yoga.

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    Certain aspects of your life are changing or ending, yet the planets suggest powerful new beginnings to come from this, as it’s that time of year when the spring equinox (the moment the sun moves to your sign), and the Aries new moon happen (20th and 24th, respectively). There might be changes or endings linked to work and career this month, or to plans you’ve had for some time. Emotional intensity and even a bit of drama can flare up too, so it’s about staying calm under the pressure of clashes or conflicts. You’re in a cool and detached mood by 30th, which is a potent tension diffuser

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    Your ruling planet Venus moves to your sign on the 5th, which is about you feeling more comfortable in your own body than ever, and about finding ways to maintain and nourish that feeling; for example by not caring so much what others think of what you’re doing, and valuing your perspective more than theirs (especially around 28th). Planet Saturn moves to your chart of career and ambition from the 22nd, for the first time in about 30 years. Saturn is about being in charge and being the responsible one, so in weeks and months to come there might be a promotion or new position at work that allows this to happen for you.

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    Your ruling planet Mercury ends retrograde (appearing to move backwards) from the 10th, which means a change of mind or direction in some situations, and a feeling of looking forward and moving forward again. It’s about finally gaining a better feeling perspective on certain people or their behaviour lately, and it’s also about work, career and long-term plans in general, where obstacles, limits or delays (especially in communication) start to soften and clear. New moon on 24th is about new or renewed friendships, and Saturn moving to your chart of faith and belief from the 22nd is about the courage of your convictions and standing firm in your truth.

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    The full moon on the 9th is in your communication chart, so it’s a good time to get your message across with feeling, and to get clear where you and others stand emotionally on what matters. Saturn, the planet of commitment and responsibility, is encouraging you to keep moving into the unknown and unfamiliar territory you’ve stepped into recently, and it’s about trusting your own senses and intuition before anyone else’s. From the 20th the focus is work, career and ambition, and on the 24th the new moon speaks of a new beginning for you there, taking you deeper into that unknown and unfamiliar territory (especially around 31st).

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    Saturn, planet of limits and boundaries has been in your health and fitness chart for the past two years. It’s been a time of getting disciplined about fitness and maybe hitting a few brick walls of resistance on the way, but you might find that limitations or restrictions linked to health will shift or become easier somehow as Saturn is now focusing on your love and relationship chart. It’s the planet of commitment and responsibility, so maybe it’s time now or in weeks or months to come to make things more official, or just take the next steps to let someone know how serious you are about them.

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    The sun in your relationship chart until the 20th brings light and warmth to love and partnership. There’s a full moon (supermoon) in your sign on the 9th, which is about emotional fulfilment, and a fulfilling sense of clarity about who you are now and where you want to go from here. From the 22nd, planet Saturn moves to your chart of work, health and fitness for the first time in years. Saturn is about being the boss, commitment and responsibility. It’s a planet that likes to take things step by step, in a slow build-up of something that will last long-term, so there are no quick fixes in store but the results are worth it.

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    Until midmonth you’re going with the flow of events and not fighting change (and some of it happens suddenly or unexpectedly around full moon time on the 9th). It looks like love and romance is about to get interesting too, as heartfelt communication moves things forward from the 10th and the sun lights up your relationship chart from the 20th, followed by a new moon of new (or renewed) love and partnership on the 24th. There’s some intense and passionate energy in situations at that time, for example around the 28th, when you’re feeling more grounded, practical, earthy and confident than ever, which is a perfect match for the opportunities coming your way.

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    There’s a soft-hearted full moon on the 9th; mostly about friendship, support and clarity, but there’s also this passionate communication energy at that time that reveals truth and sheds light on what has been hidden or kept in the dark. From the 22nd, sensible planet Saturn moves to the most creative zone of your chart, which can put a dampener on believing your wildest dreams into reality, but can also be about your strength in developing the practical side of long-term plans and projects, to break things down into manageable steps and get things off the ground. New moon on 24th is significant for you, with perhaps a new work, health or fitness path on the horizon.

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    Up to midmonth there’s lots of focus on home and family, and the full moon on 9th speaks strongly of discussions or communication that get you clear on future plans. There’s a feeling of moving forward at that time, maybe as a result of that good communication. Also, planet Saturn moves into your communication chart from the 22nd, for the first time in years. Saturn is about structure and form, and step by step progress, so it’s about taking the time to get your message across and realising the importance of what you have to say. End of March, especially around 28th, might bring a sweet-feeling, deep and meaningful opportunity.

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    Your ruling planet Saturn is moving to your chart of money and property from the 22nd, for the first time since the early 90’s. Which means in the weeks and months to come you might be planning large or long-term purchases and investments; maybe buying a house or building a business, as it can be about self-employment and being your own boss. Whatever it is, it’s not going to happen overnight, so whether you’ve already planned the first steps or are still just in the ideas stage, the presence of Saturn in this part of your chart is about you having the right attitude and outlook necessary for success.

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    Planet Saturn is returning to your sign on the 22nd, for the first time since the early 90’s. This means it’s a major influence for the next few years, and as Saturn is the planet of leadership and responsibility, this month is likely the start of increased or new commitments that benefit you personally in significant ways. Saturn is also the planet of step by step progress that builds solid structures in your life that last, so impatience for results doesn’t get far with Saturn. Now is the time to take your time and find the ways that feel right for you.