Our Crack Horoscopes

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    There’s a lot going on with the planets this month, and it’s all revolving around your sign. There’s a lunar eclipse in your relationship chart on 10th, which is about things coming to a head, or to fulfilment, or new phases. But there’s also a once in a lifetime meeting between your ruler Saturn and planet Pluto on the 12th, which is about long-term transformation and change. It doesn’t mean everything changes over night, in fact much has been already building to it or preparing for it, but it means January is a focal point for direction and decision making and it’s a point of no return, where moving forward and into a new future is the only option.

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    The theme for January is a break with the past, which is fitting for the start of a brand new decade. Some of this is psychological or emotional rather than physical, meaning you’re processing the past and changing your mindset about the future. This might be most tangible up to and around midmonth, when you get your practical and pragmatic head on to sort out what’s real for you right now, dispelling some groundless fears and ghosts from the past. Then around the 24th is the new moon of new beginnings in your sign, an annual event that is about doors of opportunity opening, and it’s a likely time for a more physical break with the past.

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    It’s definitely out with the old and in with the new for January. You’ve been thinking about making some significant changes for some time and it looks like stage one is underway this month, as the planets speak of you reaching out into unknown and unfamiliar territory (and finding friendly faces). The lunar eclipse on the 10th is about the rebirth or renewal of long held hopes and dreams for 2020; perhaps a project, vision, romance, or job you thought long gone comes to life again, and perhaps you come to life again as a result. As ever it’s not all plain sailing but whatever is thrown at you seems to just makes you stronger.

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    2020 is an important year for long-term plans and ambition, particularly career plans but it’s anything that you’ve been reaching for or aspire to be, as the planets speak of major change and transformation, and particularly during January. There’s a full moon eclipse on the 10th indicating important things happening in current situations, and it stays important for weeks and months to come. There’s also a rare pattern of planets around 12th and 13th that suggests endings leading to powerful new beginnings. As long as you avoid getting pulled into dramas or difficult dynamics (your reputation is in the spotlight this month), you’re moving in the right direction now for a successful year.

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    It’s a powerful start to 2020. There’s no denying the planets mean business, especially midmonth, so if you were hoping to step softly and lightly into this new decade think again, as it’s all about making your mark on the world. The full moon eclipse on the 10th speaks of things coming to a head in certain situations; a necessary step in order to clear the air or end stalemates. Eclipses tend to have deep impact for weeks, even years to come, and this month there are also some powerful planets (especially around 12th and 13th) that speak of the need to take things back to basics or back to the foundations, in order to rebuild and renew.

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    The planets speak of powerful changes in store, and your ruling planet Mercury is right at the heart of all the action meaning you there too. On the 10th there’s a full moon eclipse, and the message is out with the old and in with the new. It’s a clear the clutter moon and it entails more than just a quick spring clean of areas of your life; this is about total transformation and make-over. Midmonth Mercury meets the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, which might bring up fears about the unknown in situations, along with the urge to dive right in too. Important talks might happen, and secrets might be revealed. Trust is a huge theme, as is healing and renewal, and some of what’s happening you’ve waited a long time for.

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    Seldom do the planets speak of such profound and deep change in store as they do for this month. The phoenix rising from the ashes is your symbol for the new year, especially in the realm of relationship and partnership. There’s a full moon eclipse in your sign on the 10th, which is always an important sign of long-term change and renewal, but with this eclipse there’s a powerful line-up of planets pushing you forward into the future, past the point of no return (not easy for nostalgic and sentimental Cancer). Events midmonth show this transformation process most noticeably, but the idea of endings, closure, and new horizons is an ever-present theme all month.

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    It’s a new year and a new decade, and you aren’t wasting any time you’re making changes right from day one but especially around the lunar eclipse on the 10th. Also the 12th and 13th are power days for moving and shaking things up. Maybe it’s about finding or starting a new job or promotion, or maybe you’re restructuring your days to make things work better and more smoothly; whatever it is, your daily routine is transforming in some way. From the 20th the sun moves into your relationship zone, energising this area of your life, and the annual new moon here on 24th is about new beginnings for partnerships, in love or business, or both.

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    The planets mean business this month, which means an intensely focused and serious mood at times while you sort out things that you’ve been reluctant to pick up for a while. Maybe some situations seemed unbelievably messy and beyond sorting, but order from chaos is possible and now’s the time to get stuck in, especially around full moon eclipse time on the 10th, which is the focal point for events during January, along with 12th and 13th. You might not see the full implications of all your hard work till further down the line with hindsight but be assured it’s a productive month and long-term progress is being made.

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    There are several powerful planets gathering in your home and family chart, bringing change and transformation. These planets hardly ever show up together so it’s a time like no other and the impact of certain events is long-lasting. There are endings and so there are also beginnings, and there might be make-overs, decorating, remodelling, or buying and selling happening. Perhaps there’s been preparation for a while and you’ve already factored in the upheaval or disruption that comes with big change. The lunar eclipse on the 10th speaks strongly of a sense of renewal and rebirth emerging from it all in weeks and months to come, which is the right way to start a new decade.

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    In astrology it’s one of the most important months of the year, or even a decade, and your ruling planet Pluto is at the centre of all the action. Take note of what happens around the 10th as there’s a lunar eclipse energising your travel and education chart (eclipses set the mood or tone in events for weeks or months to come) and also around 12th and 13th when Pluto is calling the shots in your communication chart. Vital information, messages, documents and dialogue might be a feature of January events. You might be taking charge or taking control of communication or changing and transforming it somehow. Whatever it is, January is a game changer of a month.

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    It’s an intensely productive month, which is just what you need to start a new decade. The planets speak of long-lasting change and transformation in situations, especially midmonth; some of which you’ve kind of been expecting, some of which you hoped for but didn’t think was possible. Emotions run deep though, and events or strong opinions might trigger old hurts or fears, in you or others, so it’s about rising above it all and responding not reacting. The lunar eclipse on 10th is about looking long-term, and it speaks of abundance renewed or returning (yes maybe financial abundance).