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20th March – 20th April Jupiter, planet of expansion and opportunity, moves to your chart of finances, purchases and ownership from the 16th for the next year, so it’s about financial security and stability and ways to increase this. Tensions can run high with others this month, especially after midmonth but can be diffused by keeping things in perspective, meaning stay in your lane; stay focused on your own business and leave others to theirs.

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20th April – 21st May The sun is in your sign until the 21st, which means a boost of cosmic energy from the planets to uplift and inspire. On the 5th there’s a rare lunar eclipse in your relationship chart, which means events around that date have long lasting impact. It also means you’re feeling restless and ready to make some significant changes in situations. Also, lucky Jupiter moves to your sign from the 16th for the first time in 12 years, adding extra vava voom too. It’s an unusually powerful month for you, so make the most of it.

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21st May – 21st June With so many planets working behind the scenes in the most spiritual part of your chart, there’s a real feel of fate and destiny weaving its way through events and circumstances. Your ruler Mercury moves forward from the 15th, which means you are too; then from the 16th for the next year Jupiter the planet of faith and opportunity is like a guiding angel gently pushing you towards fulfilling hopes and wishes, so listen within or listen to your dreams and follow where you feel guided to go.

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21st June – 23rd July Lots of planet energy is on creating stability and security through friendship, support systems, and links with groups and gatherings. Not just this month either, because planet Jupiter is bringing expansion, opportunity and a bit of good luck to all this for the next year. Plus there’s a powerful lunar eclipse on the 5th, all about manifesting some creative projects in the weeks and months ahead. The powerful energy can stir some tension with others, especially after 19th, but this can also be a catalyst for long overdue changes.

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23rd July – 23rd August There are several areas of your life demanding your attention at once, leading to a sort of creative stalemate where things don’t seem to be moving quickly but really they are, by having the time to develop and cook to perfection. Work and career are likely the most noticeable place of developments now and in weeks to come, and also relationships too. When motivation planet Mars moves to your sign from the 20th it fires you up, but also some old conflicts with others too, so it’s about trying to not react to some trying circumstances.

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23rd August – 23rd September Lots of planets are in the part of your chart dealing with faith and belief in life, in love and in the universe. It means valuable treasure is found by positive thinking, expanding horizons, and in travel and education, and it’s also a source of stability and security for you too. There’s also a treasure filled lunar eclipse on the 5th in your communication chart which brings valuable contact or information your way. The message is that from here onwards the joy is very much in the journey not just the destination.

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23rd September – 23rd October The energy for May is powerful and transformative. The theme is stability and security and trusting you can be anchored with a firm footing to what you want, when you want it, with whoever you want it with. Certainly there might be circumstances that challenge your way to that (especially around 20th) but mostly it’s a time of grounding and balance, especially once Jupiter moves to this part of your chart from the 16th, for the next year.

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23rd October – 22nd November There’s a lunar eclipse in your sign on the 5th. It doesn’t happen that often, so it means there are events around that time and maybe midmonth onward that are likely to hold extra significance and maybe set a theme for weeks or months to come. There are rumblings of change and transition in key areas like home, career and relationships and the lunar eclipse helps push things into motion, but lucky planet Jupiter also moves to your relationship chart from the 16th, for the first time in 12years, which adds a good dose of confidence and faith in love and partnership.



22nd November – 22nd December Your ruler Jupiter changes signs on the 16th, switching you to a more serious mood than of late. Jupiter’s idea of serious still leaves room for laughing so don’t worry about that, but your interest for the foreseeable lies in sorting out day to day stuff that can make you feel more secure and stable for the long-term It’s maybe sorting finances or work, but it’s also long-term changes to diet or fitness and health. Jupiter is in this part of your chart for the next year, so there’s plenty of time, but this month it’s like an obsession with you to get this new chapter started.



22nd December – 20th January This is a powerful month for you. One of the most creative months there’s been for a long time and with Jupiter changing signs on the 16th it means it’s the start of one of the most creative years you’ve had. But it’s not just creativity, its romance too; nothing fluffy or frivolous, it’s the kind of romance that stands the tests of time and feels valuable and something to cherish. Don’t let any challenges distract you from all this sweet stuff, especially during first week and third week because they will try to.



20th January – 18th February You’ve no doubt felt the first rumblings of planet Pluto in your sign by now, and the powerful lunar eclipse on the 5th might intensify your push for change and transformation in key areas of your life in coming weeks. It’s a paradox as it’s a push for change in order to achieve a stronger sense of stability and security. It’s the earth moving in order to feel a firmer footing in the long run. Pluto always sounds heavy and serious, but it doesn’t half get the job done of clearing the way so the light and lightness can pour in.

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18th February – 20th March This is powerful month for all communication, especially after Mercury moves forward again from the 15th. There might be stuck or delayed messages or information that gets unstuck, or your writer’s block gets unblocked at that time. Sibling relationships and neighbour relationships are also positively highlighted in this energy too, and Jupiter, planet of abundance, opportunity and confidence, is energising all this for the next year, so if you wanted to make an income from communication or put down stable roots in a great neighbourhood now’s the time to start.