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True North: Selected Stories by Sara Maitland

This superb selection of short stories from Sara Maitland all feel fresh. They span a whole host of eras and genres, running the gamut from women fighting for the vote to Moss Witches protecting their lands. The connection and enjoyment I found in the stories was the feminist perspectives that she brings to each. Allowing her female characters to be angry, mad and violent, she turns any preconceived ideas of womanhood on its head. Each story, though different, gives a great sense of place. I felt captured by the landscapes, and was even taken back to Greek mythology. These stories span a 40-year career, which you can tell not only from the range of interests and topics, but also from her deft skill, use of language and the memorable characters she manages to create. If you want to be transported again and again and again, Maitland’s collection is a must read. KM

Comma Press