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The Dark Within Them by Isabelle Kenyon

“Amber traced the silver lines across her groin, which marked her first severing from her daughter, the first sign of their physical distance.”

Amber's faith has brought her to a new marriage and a small town - a home where she and her children can flourish. But small towns have secrets that are hard to keep buried.

Amber’s choice: which duty will she ultimately be loyal to – that of mother, of wife, or of faith.

Kenyon's debut novel is a gripping thriller. The beautiful prose tells of her talents as a poet, with carefully chosen language that creates the chilling feeling of uncertainty for Amber in her new life. Each chapter has you questioning every character you meet. I continued to try to guess the next turns, but this read was truly unpredictable.

This is one for fans of Gillian Flynn or Paula Hawkins: dark, cryptic, and consuming.

Published by Fly on the Wall Press

Kenzie Millar