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hatton Roman Bordun, 'Destroyed Apartment,'.jpeg

Photography x Old Masters

Photographic artists from countries right across Europe and beyond have been “partnered” with old masters drawn from the Hatton collection in an intriguing new show: ‘About Suffering they were never wrong…’

When I cast my eyes down the list of photographers exhibiting at this show, the name Kuba Ryniewicz of Poland immediately jumped out, and that’s because he has lived in Newcastle for 20 years and continues to show astonishing work in the region. But he’s just one of a number of feted photographers from right across Europe and beyond taking part in this show, photographers such as Roman Bordun from Ukraine (that’s his ‘Destroyed Apartment’ – pictured). All the photographs have been paired with works from the Hatton gallery with the aim being to consider how artists across time and space have created different emotional ‘worlds’.

About suffering they were never wrong, until 15 May, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle.

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