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The Dragon and the Butterfly by Abby Simpson

Abby Simpson’s The Dragon and the Butterfly follows Matilda of Flanders, wife to William the Conqueror, as she navigates court life. Great historical fiction gives you a window into a time, people or perspective you didn’t hear about in school. While the Norman Conquest is well known, the inner lives of those Normans, especially the women, is barely a footnote. Simpson brings us a well-researched but accessible story of love and power in the Middle Ages. Maud is a modern heroine, relatable in her big ambitions and wanting more from life than expected of her. Less relatable: the fact those ambitions involve becoming Queen of England. This epic novel opens a series about a family with even more drama than the Tudors, and is published on April 22. Get that date in your diary, pronto, and then start counting down the days (note: It’s available for pre-order now). KM

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