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Trust In Trick by J.W. Horner

In the future, two tech behemoths dominate everyone’s lives. One is Trick, a kind of amalgamation of all today’s FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google). Head honcho at Trick is Terick – a massive arsehole in the Elon Musk mould. One of the higher-ups working for Terick is Eah. Eah’s boyfriend is Mac, a stoner and musician who sees himself as something of a counter-cultural figure. He also has a deep mistrust in everything Trick stands for and when Terick offers Eah the chance to further her career at the company, the whiff of revolution is soon in the air. J.W. Horner’s playful satire comes on like a mash-up of ‘Black Mirror’, Russell T Davies’ dystopian miniseries ‘Years and Years’ and ‘1984’, and it has much to say about consumerism among many other things. It’s overwritten slightly in parts, but despite the weighty subject matter it’s a breezy read and never resorts to po-faced polemic. DP

Wroxton House