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Out of Human Sight by Sophie Parkes

When Millie discovers the brutalised bodies of her Grandpa and Uncle, her life changes forever. Suddenly, her village becomes notorious, with people hungry to hear every detail and buy any item the dead men had touched. Her fellow mill workers stare, and those she has known all her life start to avoid her. All except Johnny Barkwell who proposes a new life together. This historical mystery from Sophie Parkes was inspired by a real unsolved murder in Saddleworth, and the details in every area show Parkes’ passion for social history and the North of England. Millie’s story is one we would not usually get to hear. Her love of home, family, and community keeps her optimistic throughout every hardship. From the North of England to the Canadas, Parkes shows there is more to the dream of immigration than a land of opportunity. KM

Northodox Press