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What My Bones Know by Stephanie Foo

While the word ‘trauma’ gets thrown around online to the point of obsoleteness, the popularity of books like The Body Keeps the Score shows how people are genuinely becoming interested in learning about PTSD. Even more misunderstood, if it’s talked about at all, is Complex PTSD, the diagnosis that was given to journalist Stephanie Foo. Despite being abused and abandoned by both of her parents, Foo still earnt success as a producer for This American Life. But while she felt she had moved on from her childhood, she struggles to regulate her emotions and achieve true happiness. After her C-PTSD diagnosis, she quits her job and throws herself into healing full time, trying everything from yoga to EMDR to delving into her family history. Well-researched and deeply personal, What My Bones Know bursts with insight and hope. It’s accessible without sanitising the topic, providing a helpful resource for sufferers and those who wish to understand them. MW

Published by Allen & Unwin