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Peter Brewis - BlowDry Colossus

The new solo album from Field Music’s Peter Brewis is – apart from one track – an instrumental release that turns 1980s-style electronica into something rather wonderful. But this is not 1980s chart music stuff. It’s more test card exotica (think: the deeper-cut, psychedelic end). ‘Drumeoscene’ could have been the theme tune to a 1985 TV show about the delights of science, while ‘Blowdry Colossus’ is all caffeinated up and topped with jazzy froth. Elsewhere, ‘Warm Wind’ dunks us into an electronic warm bath; ‘Lemoncadabra’ is packed with starry-eyed wonderments; and ‘Panda Tonic’ is a meditative closer. An album fizzy with ideas. RM

Released 22 September on Daylight Saving Records

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