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The Sleepless by Liam Bell

“Wakefulness is Watchfulness.” That’s the slogan of the Sleepless, a group in the Scottish Highlands, who aim to prove that sleep is just a social construct; meant to keep us in our place; happy with our lot. Grafton, a single dad and travel guy for a radio station, believes there is more to the Sleepless. He senses a story. The leader Joan is engaging; her words may even make some sense. But was he right from the beginning? Is there something rotten under the surface? Liam Bell’s thriller invokes the rise in conspiracy theories that occurred during the Pandemic. As people explore means of control, the idea that they might need less sleep makes perfect sense. He’s created a cast of characters, all with their own reasons to believe. Consequently, the reader is engrossed too. The pace is quick, the atmosphere eerie, and I forwent sleep to finish it. KM

Published by Fly on the Wall Press