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Cleopatra and Frankenstein by Coco Mellors

If you’ve been into a bookshop in the last month, I’d bet anything that you’ve picked up this book. Why? Because the cover is absolutely beautiful. The font? Beautiful. The illustration? Beautiful. But why am I banging on about the cover? Because I really wanted to like this book, especially seeing as I’ve written a few negative reviews lately and hate to be a Debby Downer. It follows a young, gorgeous English woman who meets a much older man in New York and they rush into a marriage for mainly visa-related reasons. It’s really addictive, funny at times too, with some great quotable lines that I’m sure will be plastered over Instagram for the next five years. Sadly, it’s not much more than that. It’s pretty and empty, like most of the characters, and while I had a good time reading it, I can’t say I’ll remember it. Did I mention the cover is gorgeous? MG

Published by Fourth Estate

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