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Beauty and Deceit by Carol Beth Anderson

This is a fairytale retelling with a modern twist. Aeryn has had to provide for her family ever since her father's fortunes were lost to pirates when she was twenty. But between her father spending all their money in the local tavern and her older brother stealing food, she feels overwhelmed. So, when she meets a faerie who invites her to take part in a competition, while promising to provide for her family, Aeryn can’t afford to say no. The competition? A fae beast is looking for a bride. Aeryn will be up against nine faeries, with their own magical affinity. This is a perfect summer read for anyone who loved Beauty and the Beast when they were younger and now wants a more grown up version. With plenty of mysteries and twists to the tale you already know, alongside love triangles and treachery, you’ll find yourself gripped. KM

Published by Eliana Press