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Arrangements in Blue by Amy Key

Arrangements in Blue is a memoir by Amy Key, a woman in her forties who has lived what she views as a life devoid of romantic love. At times I found this to be an uncomfortable read, and I was uncomfortable with my discomfort as it only proves one of the book’s main points: the world makes women feel ashamed for being alone, but also for wanting romantic love. This dichotomy is at the heart of Arrangements in Blue: the push-and-pull between the human desire to be loved but also to make the most of your present, single life. It doesn’t provide many answers and Key admits she is still working through these issues herself, which only makes the writing rawer. Key is a poet, and if you relate to it, this memoir may do for you what Blue has done for her, putting your unexpressed feelings into beautiful words and helping you feel connected to the world. MG

Published by Jonathan Cape

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