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Anything That Moves by Jamie Stewart

Anything That Moves? As in having sex with anything that moves. And although the author’s note warns off his own family, “If we are related, please, for the love of God, do not read this book”, there’s no reason why the warning shouldn’t be extended to those readers with a nervous disposition. “The club let trans women, MFT cross-dressers, and cis women in for some absurd discount. I cross-dressed a lot then and was broke, so I put my hair up in barrettes, wore a plaid skirt, fishnets, a bra, see through panties, and red jelly heels”. And for those readers who are prudish and easily offended? Forget about it. As you’ve probably gathered Jamie Stewart’s Anything That Moves is a sexually explicit journey which encompasses all sexes, sizes and positions. It’s scabrous, depraved, joyous and totally compulsive. The book’s strength lies in the fact that quite a lot of the sexual high jinks are just plain awful. This isn’t just a book of Jamie’s best/weirdest shags, it’s more often than not a humbling journey of discovery, “Three threesomes, none of them great.” But discovery takes many forms, “He looked too strange to fuck, but I wondered if I could try and fist him.” And Jamie Stewart’s band Xiu Xiu? Well, if you’re expecting the inside skinny on life on the road, in the recording studio etc, there’s a few bits to chew on, but this isn’t that book. Gloriously filthy and unexpectedly affecting, Anything That Moves is one of this year’s must reads.

Anything That Moves – Jamie Stewart – publ. And Other Stories - £16.99

Steven Long