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Chef's Choice by TJ Alexander

Luna is a smart trans woman, living in New York: great friends; a chef roommate. When she is unexpectedly fired, she has money worries. And that is the only reason she starts a fake relationship with the French heir to culinary royalty. Jean-Pierre needs to pass a test to be the heir to his grandfather’s estate, and to prove to his family he is worthy of their respect. TJ Alexander’s second novel is the queer romance my heart needed. There are some great winks to the reader, and Alexander elevates the fun with fantastic queer moments of found family, community, and even a hilarious trans masc bro bonding scene. Though the book does also deal with the issues of transphobia and family difficulties, most of the characters are warm, affirming, and so enjoyable to share page time with. Add in some delicious cooking scenes, and you’ll wish you could join these characters for an all you can drink brunch. KM

Published by Atria