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The Nursery by Szilvia Molnar

A raw and slightly terrifying portrayal of new motherhood, The Nursery charts the first week of a new-born’s life from inside a suffocating New York City apartment. While there are so many things we avoid talking about when it comes to birth and parenting, this novel doesn’t shy away from the mental and physical toll of having a baby, from the constant breastfeeding to the stitches to the delirious exhaustion. This is, in some ways, a horror novel, and in a world that valorises motherhood, it almost feels like you shouldn’t be reading it. But as well being honest and unflinching, the writing is also impressive; we join the narrator as she carries out the same activities again and again, but somehow Molnar manages to keep you right on the edge. If you’ve already sworn off having children, or you’re a lot braver than I am, this is a really interesting read. MG

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