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Nettle & Bone by T. Kingfisher

Marra is the youngest daughter of the Queen of a small Kingdom. Her older sister was married to the Prince of the neighbouring country to prevent war. When Marra realises the Prince is more monster, she also discovers being a Princess does not necessarily mean protection. She searches out the dust-witch, a woman with power over the dead. Together with other companions they meet along the way, this journey shows the power of found family and stepping into your own power. Kingfisher's prose drags you right into her fantasy world, and straight into Marra's quest. She uses elements from classic fairytales to create the story, but twists them to keep you surprised. You will find the Prince, Godmothers, even the woodcutter – but not necessarily in ways you have seen them before. Definitely a fairy-tale for adults, yet Kingfisher somehow manages to create a funny novel with moments of warmth. KM

Titan Books

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