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seesawlibra.jpg OCTOBER


21st March – 20th April

From the 5th, Saturn, planet of limitation and responsibility, is moving out of your relationship chart after a two year stay. Looking back at how you have responded to the stern realities and demands of key relationships during that time will indicate important lessons you have learnt. Saturn is now moving into the trust and transformation angle of your chart for the next two years, and because Saturn takes its time, and takes things in stages, it requires patience from impatient Aries, especially when dealing with any issues that have trust, intimacy, and shared financial interests at their heart.


21st April – 21st May

For the past two years, sensible Saturn (planet of responsibility) has been moving through the angle of your chart associated with health and fitness, as well as day to day schedules and workload. It symbolised how more was being called from you, more expectations that you felt more obligated to respond to. But from the 5th pressure lifts as Saturn leaves this angle of your chart to begin a new two year trip through your angle of relationships. Themes around commitment, limits and structure are important in your relationship experience from here, bringing certain lessons your way that are ripe for your learning.


22nd May – 21st June

Expansion planet Jupiter takes backward steps in your sign from the 4th, which might temporarily slow you down or change your approach to a certain situation or person for a while. Then on the 5th there’s big change, as Saturn leaves your creative and leisure zone, moving to your health and fitness angle for the next two years. Initially you might notice more fun or freedom regarding social and love life, as certain limits and restrictions are lifting off you; but there’s maybe more pressure and demands related to health and fitness. Saturn is here for two years so pace yourself in that gym.


22nd June – 22nd July

There’s change afoot during October. From the 5th, Saturn is moving from your home and family angle to the most creative, heartfelt part of your chart for the next two years. It indicates you might be working with certain limits or restrictions, or rather, finding ways to make them work for you; also you start taking your fun and good times a lot more seriously, especially concerning matters of the heart. For the past two years Saturn has been symbolising extra responsibility related to family and home, but the pressure that came with that will feel to be lifting now.


23rd July – 23rd August

From the 5th, Saturn moves into the home/family angle of your chart for the next two years. Saturn symbolises responsibility and the backbone and maturity needed to carry it. It’s also about long-term planning and the step by step approach it takes to see projects through - as well as the patience it requires too. Which means over the next couple of years these are the themes coming much more to the forefront for you regarding home and family life. Perhaps there’s an indication of this around the 22nd, when your ruler, the Sun, meets up with Saturn.


24th August – 22nd September

For the past two years Saturn has been moving through the income and resources part of your chart. Saturn seeks structure and stability but it takes time and focus to build or it’s a structure without foundation. The longwinded, sensible approach that Saturn represents can feel like a lot of red tape at times, so now that Saturn is moving out of the realm of your resources there’s a sense of freedom that comes with it. Saturn is now doing its thing relative to all your communications, also learning and education, for the next two years, so try and have fun with that.


23rd September – 23rd October

Responsible, formal planet Saturn has been in your sign for the past two years, and looking back you can see changes in that time; people looking more to you as a mentor or advisor, as an example for them to look up to. It’s all change from the 5th though. A sense of pressure to conform to expectations is lifting; look to what happens around the 15th for this, when a new moon in your sign brings new approaches, and some excitement too. Meanwhile, Saturn moves onto your finance and resources chart. It’s sensible spending for the next two years.


24th October – 22nd November

Big news for Scorpio as Saturn moves into your sign for the next 2 years, for the first time in around 28 years. Saturn coincides with the arrival of new responsibilities, new plans and ambitions for the future. It’s the planet of structure and stability, and seeks to build up something that stands the test of time. It’s ambition and achievement too. These themes and interests are going to be more important than ever for you over the next couple of years, and it all gets underway from the 5th, when communication might be feeling more important than usual too.


23rd November – 21st December

Mighty, feisty planet Mars moves into your sign on the 6th, which indicates you’re feeling more fired up and inspired than ever. Mars is about action, so the ball gets rolling on plans or projects, especially around new moon time on the 15th (though partners involvement might be flaky for now). For the past couple of years planet Saturn has symbolised an increased sense of responsibility and obligation with friendships or group involvements but this looks set to lift from the 5th, when Saturn starts to be a supportive influence behind the scenes for you, for the next couple of years.


22nd December – 20th January

Your ruling planet Saturn is going through some important changes from the 5th. For the past two years you might have noticed how easier it was to make progress when you worked by the book, or used tried and tested methods, and how obstacles or delays showed up otherwise, especially as far as career, status and ambition went. Well, once Saturn moves from this area of your chart it’s likely that certain restrictions will lift, especially noticeable around the 15th. Saturn is now moving into your friendship, teamwork and group involvement chart, which means support, structure and firm foundations are more important than ever.


21st January – 18th February

From the 5th there’s interesting happenings within your career/status/ambition chart, as responsible Saturn, planet of long-term planning and building, moves in for a two year stay. This happens once every 28years in this area of your chart, so make the most of it. Saturn is very at home here;  the sense of responsibility and leadership, the respect for existing structures, mixed with a cool head under pressure that Saturn embodies, gels well with the call to climb the ladder of achievement. Events around the 22nd might bring this into clearer focus, especially if there’s a contract or agreement to sort.


19th February – 20th March

From the 5th, tradition and structure-loving Saturn moves into the area of your chart associated with exploration and expansion. It includes travel, philosophy, learning, or anything that broadens the mind and feeds the soul. Saturn symbolises what’s real and tangible, and how to build more of that, so no time wasted building castles in the air, any philosophy or learning must have stood the test of time; no new-fangled stuff here, while any travel will have that ancient ruin kind of appeal. Somewhere with a bit of history will likely appeal for the next couple of years, at least.