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Educated by Tara Westover

Occasionally I’ll read a book so universal that I recommend it to pretty much anyone who will listen. ‘Educated’ is a memoir that I’ve bought over and over as a present for people in my life because Westover’s story is one that everyone needs to read. Raised in isolation in the mountains of Idaho, Tara grew up without access to a real education, healthcare and proper socialisation. In an attempt to escape the constant money struggles, freak accidents on the farm and abuse at the hands of her brother, she takes her education into her own hands and manages to get into college, eventually doing a PhD at Cambridge. What’s so special about ‘Educated’ is that Westover doesn’t demonise her family or disassociate herself from where she’s from. She writes fondly about her past without skipping over the pain and trauma that made her want to leave. If you like memoirs or you’re looking for an inspirational read, this should definitely be on your list. MG

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