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Great Wars (Lost Boys Press)

This anthology of short stories features nine tales of wartime, each with one vital element changed. The writers explore how a new technology, or magic, or even sentient emus, would have changed the course of these historical moments.

Alternate history is such a powerful genre because it shows how the smallest events can ripple through the histories we have told ourselves as humans, changing things, but also with some things staying universal. As we live in a present where war seems to be all around us: culture wars, wars in countries both reported and not, war with our own planet, stories like these give hope that the things we do today can matter.

In “To Raise a Nation, Giants Must Fall” Ben Rome explores the story of David and Goliath, the Biblical tale synonymous with the “little guy winning against all odds”. But what if he didn’t? Would there still be someone to step up and overcome? “Ghost Dance” by Veronica S gives us an alternate world where the Ghost Dance of the Lakota Sioux did triumph over US genocide.

This anthology features stories from a range of genres, and each writer’s own unique style. You will get a new insight into historical characters you think you know, and meet new people who in their own way might have changed history.

Kenzie Millar