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Single Bald Female Review by Laura Price

To describe Single Bald Female as a book about cancer would be a big understatement. Single Bald Female is a love letter to women living with breast cancer, to loving friends trying to adapt to the everchanging seasons of their friendship, to those that are struggling with grief after death, or grief after a relationship, and of course to the women trying to swim in the scary sea that is Tinder men.

When editor Jessica Jackson begins a new job, finds out her boyfriend has been cheating and receives a breast cancer diagnosis in the same period of time, her ‘perfect’ life begins to crack. Price’s talent lies in showing the reader that sometimes there is something to admire in the cracks, and that sometimes the most alive people are the ones facing the opposite.

Price brilliantly explores the nuances of singleness and cancer: grappling with femininity, dating dilemmas, sexual desire and fertility, all subjects that have long been censored from the conversation.

Perhaps I’m slightly bias as Jessica Jackson and Laura Price are both Yorkshire like myself ( the many cups of tea Jessica drank felt very comforting to me), this is a debut that will make anyone smile through it’s hilarious and, at times, heart-breaking honesty.

Imogen Mole