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How To Be Right by James O'Brien

Ah, 2018. We thought we had problems, didn’t we? In fairness, we did: Trump was in the White House, Brexit was in constant negotiation and the inane culture wars we hear about constantly were already being ‘fought’ in tabloids and on Twitter feeds across the country. While How To Be Right focuses each chapter on a topical talking point from O’Brien’s radio show, this book will remain a useful tool no matter what we face in the next four years. If you find yourself feeling boggled about how to respond to the opinions expressed by your family, colleagues or random strangers outside of Five Swans, James O’Brien offers insight into how to politely dismantle even the most absurd arguments. O’Brien does have faults as a radio personality — condescension being the one he is most often accused of — but his awareness of his flaws and past mistakes is what makes him a great journalist. MG

Published by WH Allen