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Our Crack Horoscopes

virgo2009.jpg SEPTEMBER 12


21st March – 20th April

From the 5th you’re in the mood to shine (especially on 13th!), as charismatic Venus begins a journey through the most creative angle of your chart. Around the 16th the new moon brings new solutions; just in time to answer your urge to get sorted and clear to do lists. From the 18th there’s a subtle shift forward with career and long-term plans, then around the 30th during the feisty full moon in Aries, it’s a not so subtle shift; with you as the catalyst for any motion forward during an intense, unpredictable and transforming end to the month.


21st April – 21st May

Your ruling planet Venus begins a journey through the angle of family, home, and emotional comfort zone from the 6th. It can symbolise the seeking and finding of happy harmony between people or places, and a quest for even more harmonious surroundings. Make-overs and updating your home goes well midmonth, as does an unusual or unexpected family meeting. Romance is utterly fabulous during the final week, which takes your mind off some intense but transforming events under a no-nonsense full moon on the 30th. It’s tricky but trust the process right now.


22nd May – 21st June

From the 6th communication might feel sweeter and more harmonious; you know just what to say to get the best from others and they seem to be saying all the right things to you too, and romance is in the air as a result of such good communication vibes especially during the final week. The new moon on the 16th speaks of a new feeling of home and a sense of belonging, while creative urges soar at that time too; and more so from the 22nd. Just remember around the 21st to trust the process, when events might feel more intense than usual.


22nd June – 22nd July

Don’t let home and family pressures undermine your new found sense of inner harmony during the first week of September, and there’s an excellent vibe for career and long-term plans around the 13th, relating to income and resources. The new moon on the 16th ushers in new feelings around communication and getting your message across; expect the unexpected or the unconventional at that time, regarding communication. There’s tension at times by the end of the month, especially around the 30th for full moon. It’s about the pull and tug of conflicting priorities which brings a sharper focus where it’s needed.


23rd July – 23rd August

Love goddess Venus is in your sign from the 6th, symbolising sweet harmony in situations, especially relationships, as a result of your presence. Venus represents balance, diplomacy and charisma, and meets positively with unconventional Uranus on the 13th giving meetings and travel plans an exciting, electric edge. An abundant new moon on the 16th in your money chart indicates the start of something fruitful, then Venus meets Mars during final week of September indicating hot passion for romance, and movement on a home or family situation. Full moon on the 30th suggests a communication issue comes to an unexpected head.



24th August – 22nd September

No matter how much clarity you have on certain issues, relationships might still bamboozle you during first week of September. Nothing major, just misunderstandings are easy and overreactions even easier, especially around the 7th. But wait till new moon in Virgo on the 16th, which indicates a new phase or beginning in some way; in appearance, or in attitude and approach. There’s an emphasis on money and resources from midmonth too, especially 21st and 30th when it’s a case of expect the unexpected, and for 26th when your faith pays off. Final week is very nice for love and romance too.


23rd September – 23rd October

You might be feeling introspective up to midmonth; things might be busy and bustling around you, but you are looking for some calm within it all, to mull over and mediate on where you stand on a few things, and you feel inspired and enlightened on all that by the 16th. On the same day communication planet Mercury moves into your sign, followed by the sun from the 22nd, indicating clarity, confidence and easy connections (especially around the 26th); even during some stormy relationship energy around the 21st and 30th.


24th October – 22nd November

The new moon on the 16th is about new friendships and/or group participation, and there’s an unexpected or unconventional flavour to connections at that time. Then on the 18th your ruling planet Pluto changes direction, which symbolises the same in you; a turning point or turnaround of some sort, perhaps related to communication, that gets you moving forward. From midmonth it’s very hot and spicy indeed for love and romance, while also providing interest for work and career. But around the 21st and 30th extra focus is required to comfortably navigate an emotionally tense yet satisfyingly productive atmosphere.


23rd November – 21st December

There’s a fabulous new moon in your career and long term ambition chart on the 16th. It speaks of unconventional routes and alternatives paths opening up before you in days or weeks to come, maybe appearing unexpectedly or under unusual circumstances. People or partnerships might be important or influential too, related to this. Perhaps agreements are signed or the perfect person for the project is about to make themselves known. From the 21st the focus shifts to friendship and team spirit. It’s sparkling around the 26th, but stay positive to rise above full moon tensions and difficult dynamics around the 30th.


22nd December – 20th January

There’s a theme of travel and/or education important for much of the month, especially around new moon time on the 16th. Soon after that on the 18th, Pluto ends its retrograde phase, which symbolises a turning point in a transformation or make-over experience you’re going through (maybe more noticeable around the 21st?). After the 22nd, the focus shifts to work/career and long term plans and ambitions, which is reflected strongly for you in the full moon chart of the 30th, where the message is it may have felt like an uphill struggle at times, especially emotionally, but you’re getting there.


21st January – 18th February

Romance in relationships is hot for the month, indicated by love planet Venus making its presence felt from the 6th and especially around the 13th, when a fab connection to planet Uranus suggests unconventional or unexpected encounters linked to matters of the heart. Easy and straightforward communication is the foundation for this, and for finding harmony or common ground regarding contracts or agreements at the same time. Use the new moon on the 16th for renewing your sense of trust or faith about certain situations, while final week, including full moon on the 30th, shouts loudly about travel or education opportunities.


19th February – 20th March

As September opens you might feel you can’t see the wood for the trees, but don’t worry, partners or people close to you aren’t missing a trick right now, and can hold and point out all the details that elude you – whether you like it or not. There’s a relationship orientated new moon on the 16th that likewise sheds light and a new sense of clarity, regarding relationships, agreements or contracts; then from 21st a friendship or group involvement is taking your time, attention, as well as energy, due to its intensity. Final week is fabulous for passion and romance.