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Poor Little Sick Girls by Ione Gamble

Gamble's series of essays especially rings true for me, as a young woman with a chronic illness, my own path has many similarities. While this initially drew me to the book, Gamble's dissections of different elements of how fourth wave feminism converges with online presence, and how both connect to living in an “unacceptable” body (due to disability, race, fatness, or another identity) gave me a deeper insight into the positives and negatives of feminist spaces existing online. Gamble looks to history to show where certain elements of our current understanding of disability and feminism come from, as a way to explore what has improved and what we can learn. While disability may seem like a niche lens in which to look at the wider idea of feminism, each chapter uses Gamble’s personal life experience to study greater implications, and so whether your own identities align with hers ceases to become the point. KM

Published by Dialogue Books