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Notes on Grief by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“For the rest of my life, I will live with my hands outstretched for things that are no longer there.” If you’ve read any of Adichie’s novels or listened to her speeches, you’ll be aware of her talent for discussing complex topics in a clear, straightforward way. In her latest work, she tackles one of the most indescribable human emotions: grief. Grief has been written about by so many great novelists and memoirists, but your understanding will always be limited until you experience it. Adiche acknowledges this after her father passes away suddenly: she cringed at the advice she had previously given to mourning people, ‘the smug certainties of a person not yet acquainted with grief’. Feeling like another person truly understands your grief is invaluable, and that’s what this book provides. Adiche has documented her love for her father in a form that will always exist, that will be treasured with the rest of her work for years and years to come. MG

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