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The Crack Magazine


The Death of Me by Michelle Davies

Anita Kelly's full-length debut is the perfect tonic to the dystopian world we find ourselves in. As politicians work to invalidate so many identities, this queer romance is not just wanted, it’s needed. Dahlia and London are both competing in the competition show Chef's Special for more than just their passion for cooking. Dahlia is looking to reinvent herself, not just in the eyes of the world but also in the way she sees herself. London is the first openly nonbinary competitor, hoping the prize money can be theirs to start a non-profit for trans kids. The last thing either of them expected was for things to heat up outside of the kitchen. Kelly deals with issues of identity, divorce, and online trolling with a deftness that keeps the story from seeming too light or unrealistic . But throughout, the message that we all deserve love, acceptance, and yes, great food, comes across loudest. KM