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You Are Here* For Now by Adam Hurtz

January is a tough month for a lot of people (that being said, what month hasn’t been tough recently?). If you’ve been tired, broke and frustrated, the influx of self-improvement propaganda the new year brings has the potential to irritate you even more. But if you are looking for guidance other than the fake Ghandi quote your aunt posted on Facebook, You Are Here* For Now is a digestible, bullshit-free alternative. Self-help books have a reputation for being preachy, wishy-washy nonsense, but Kurtz makes improving your life simple while conceding that it’s not easy. He acknowledges that life doesn’t always feel like a priceless gift; that ups and downs are inevitable but can be weathered. The book doesn’t give many specifics on achieving your goals or improving your mental health. It serves more as a helpful reminder of things we all know, but frequently forget: comparing yourself to others is pointless, you can grow from failure and love is real and worth living for. MG