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Twin Atlantic - Transparency

Our favourite Glaswegian rock duo sound completely different on this quirky, pop-infused album. It is a far cry from the heavier anthems such as ‘Heart and Soul’ and ‘No Sleep’ that the band are most known for. However, their charisma makes it work. I didn’t expect a hype song like ‘One Man Party’ from Twin Atlantic, but I am thankful for it. ‘Bang On The Gong’ flaunts their pride in their roots through a recording of a rather annoyed Scottish woman saying “You are one cheeky wee shite” and “Get oot of ma hoose right now”. And yet the next track, “It’s Getting Dark”, is a mournful piano ballad. The many shifts in mood that occur throughout this album are quite bonkers, but it’s certainly a way of showing off the scope of this new Twin Atlantic. LT