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Read This To Get Smarter by Blair Imani

In today's culture where there is a fear of “saying the wrong thing”. Imani’s book helps us to do the opposite. It is a fantastic starting point for anyone who feels daunted by the discourse around identity politics and intersectionality. Each chapter tackles a different subject, but of course there are many parts that reference each other: as Imani explains, it is impossible to look at gender politics without also acknowledging the impact of racism. Even if you are familiar with some of the topics already, Imani still shares important insights. I particularly enjoyed answering the questions at the end of each chapter: considering how heteronormativity impacts my day to day life, or how I could introduce myself without reference to my job. Imani comes from a place where getting smarter about each other, about people’s lived experiences, is essential. In this book she gives you the tools to start on that journey of learning. KM