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The Importance of Music to Girls by Lavinia Greenlaw

Since daylight savings came to steal our joy away in October, my main source of joy has been listening to music. When I saw the title The Importance of Music to Girls, needless to say I thought this memoir would connect with me, and it absolutely did. It does what all great coming-of-age media should do: it shows you what it was like to live in a specific place during a specific time (London and Essex in the seventies and eighties) while also connecting to the universal feeling of growing up. In an age where everyone has 100 genres on their Spotify Wrapped, this book takes you back to a time where there was identity in being a punk, a hippie, a disco girl, where music had to be sought out. But it also reminded me of the suffocating feeling of being a teenage girl, of clinging onto your interests as a way to define you. A great memoir for any young woman or music fan. MG