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We’re Just Friends by CHERYM

Northern Irish trio, CHERYM, describe their latest single ‘We’re Just Friends’ as “a cheesy tune about being in a very wholesome relationship with your soul mate”.  They manage to stand out from all the other cheesy tunes about soulmates, however, with this energy-charged splash of pop punk zest. This is not just because of their infectious songwriting, but because they’ve created quite the LGBT+ anthem (Note the witty reference to the flannel shirt lesbian stereotype in the lyrics). Drummer Alannagh Doherty says “There is a wee bit of irony in the title because most wlw (woman-loving-woman) relationships – or any non-heteronormative relationships – people will always presume you’re ‘just friends’ so that’s where the idea came from.” With the pulsing drums, powerful vocals and chirpy riffs combining to create the ultimate feel good summer anthem, the band’s Hey Tori EP, due for release on 30th September, and October 2021 tour dates, are definitely worth looking out for.