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zen chef copy.jpg Zen Chef: Banana Prune Yoghurt

You can make this as either a simple, every-day version or a luxury version for special occasions.


Greek yoghurt, 2 - 3 tbsps (100 - 150ml)

medium banana, 100g

dried prunes, 100g

sherry, 150ml

honey, 1 tbsp (40g)

Simple version: slice the banana, check the prunes for stalks and stones, slice in half and mix both into the yoghurt.

Deluxe version: prepare the fruit as above, then marinate in sherry overnight. Drain off the sherry and arrange the fruit in heaps in individual bowls. Blend one tablespoon of the sherry with one tablespoon of honey to make a syrup, pour this over the fruit and ladle the yoghurt on top.

Quantities are per portion.

vegetarian, gluten-free, high GI

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