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Our Crack Horoscopes

leo08.jpg AUGUST 12


21st March – 20th April

The clashes and demands of work and home life seem to stifle you maverick sensibilities at times until things come to a head around midmonth. Then, with a new determination to enjoy your way to success, the planets support your intentions, especially around the 19th, when communication or contact comes your way that opens doors to do exactly that. Mars (your ruling planet) changes signs on the 23rd, which symbolises a change in you too: you’re less likely to wear your heart on your sleeve, which is fine when you also let others do the same (unlikely you will!)


21st April – 21st May

Any decision about career or long range plans seems emotionally based right now. You want to feel moved and connected to what you’re doing and where you want to go, and this is easier to suss after the 8th when a turning point linked to home or comfort zones reveals the next logical step. Around the 15th you’re challenged to take responsibility for certain current choices, then from the 23rd, Mars moves into your relationship and partnership zone, symbolising a spicing up of romance, and the motivation to dig deep into contracts and agreements to make sure they work to your favour.


22nd May – 21st June

Communication is well-starred under a spotlight-loving full moon during the first week, but things really feel they are moving forward in this, and all sorts of ways, from the 8th, when Gemini’s own planet Mercury ends its retrograde phase (appearing to move backwards). Delays or loose ends from mid-July might suddenly sort themselves out with ease, despite the stormy planetary weather midmonth linking to friendship and finance; while unexpected opportunities might surprise and delight, around the 19th. Work and career feels brilliant during the final week of August, but especially around the 26th or so.


22nd June – 22nd July

August has a focus on finances, with generous planet Jupiter suggesting expansion and increase during the first week of the month, and a new moon indicating positive new beginnings around the 17th. Love and harmony planet Venus moves into your sign from 7th which suggests you might be feeling extra tuned into the very best of yourself, as well allowing a bit of romance your way especially around the 10th. Midmonth can be quite challenging at times mind you, but this is a temporary phase that moves into much more comfy feeling energy from around the 22nd.


23rd July – 23rd August

A well intentioned full moon on the 2nd coincides with certain situations being brought to a head that have dragged on for far too long. Trust the unfolding and the timing on this, as from the 8th Mercury indicates a significant change of mind or change of direction with you that allows you to move forward in the way you’ve been wanting to for some time. The annual new moon in your sign symbolises more new beginnings and the feelings that go with all that; so maybe there’s excitement mixed with trepidation at the unfamiliar and unknown territory before you.


24th August – 22nd September

If you’ve been feeling things have been moving backwards rather than forwards in recent weeks, you might see a turning point in this from the 8th, especially noticeable around the 19th, when delays, setbacks or loose ends from last month might suddenly sort nicely. From the 22nd the sun moves into your sign, indicating it’s your time of year, and the world is on your wavelength more than usual for the next few weeks. The final week of August looks particularly good for this, for fun and for creativity soaring, and a relationship themed full moon on the 31st symbolises friendship and the healing of old wounds.


23rd September – 23rd October

First week is full of fun and friendship, then it’s all about caring for career and long term plans when your ruler Venus moves through this area of your chart from the 7th. From the 8th Mercury changes direction and moves forward, which means new communication and new contacts. Then midmonth a stormy pattern of planets symbolises some unpredictable or disruptive circumstances, but the indications are you are well prepared whatever the weather, with good timing and a cool head for picking your priorities. End of the month feels much more soft and mellow, especially around the 26th.


24th October – 22nd November

Excellent month for career or long term ambitions as there’s a new moon on the 17th in this part of your chart symbolising new beginnings and new plans, to nurture and develop over the coming months. Before that on the 8th, communication planet Mercury changes direction, suggesting a turning point; delays loosen up, postponements rearrange, maybe for the first time since mid-July. There are some bumps in the road through August, especially midmonth, that might be challenging for relationships, but from the 23rd when mighty planet Mars moves into your sign, you are feeling invincible again in no time.


23rd November – 21st December

First week of August is busy under a lively full moon that’s heavy on the feel-good factor for you. From the 8th relationships that have been on hold for some reason or just a bit stuck in a rut might find some direction again with some forward thinking communication. Midmonth you are challenged to think creatively on a finance or resources matter, but it’s doing so that pushes you to see things differently than you have before. Don’t underestimate the power of your new perspectives this month; it’s all about how you see the world and your place in it.


22nd December – 20th January

After the 8th you might feel more driven and motivated than ever to discuss long term plans with others, especially those plans that have a shared financial interest. A powerful new moon on the 17th indicates the spotlight shining brightly on all this, with positive new beginnings as part of the new moon message. And this is despite, or perhaps, as a result of, a challenging pattern of planets that symbolise tension and unease related to home and partnerships. After the 23rd, the tension loosens considerably and social life steps up; it’s time to let your hair down and relax.


21st January – 18th February

A friendly full moon in Aquarius on the 2nd is about enjoying yourself, and suggests plenty of opportunities are coming your way to do so this month. From the 8th, Mercury moves forward, indicating its good communication that provides a positive turning point with a partner, or potential partner. Midmonth reveals a challenging pattern of planets but a new moon in your relationship zone on the 17th helps to highlight just how supportive certain relationships are for you right now, and how the climate is right for new relationships to blossom from here on.


19th February – 20th March

If it’s felt like there’s been a spanner in the works when it comes to setting schedules lately, things might run more smoothly from the 8th with day to day routine. The subject of health and fitness is catching your eye; a new beginning linked to all this is symbolised by a vibrant new moon in this area of your chart on the 17th. Then after the 22nd it’s all about relationships; yes love and romance is in there, but its contracts and agreements too. A soft focus full moon in Pisces on the 31st is a gentle reminder to keep going with your flow.