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Luke Brown, And Other Stories

The titular “theft” of Luke Brown’s latest novel can said to be related to property, as in: all property is theft. When the story begins Paul is living in an off-grid London flat, which has a much cheaper rent than similar places. He – and his sister – have been charged with selling the family home, which is situated in a run-down coastal town, after their mother dies. He works as the literary editor for a magazine that is hell-bent on becoming edgier (his editor moots the idea of abandoning reviewing books for reviewing legal highs). The story begins with Paul going to interview Emily, a cult author. They strike up a friendship, which Paul thinks might turn into something more. Trouble is, Emily is about to be married to Andrew, a professor, and older man. The novel has much to say about wealth and entitlement, with Paul struggling to know exactly what his place in the world is, in a tale that examines relationships – romantic, sibling and between friends – in a witty and sharp manner.