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The Crack Magazine


Geeolck Issue One

Barry Fox, Barry Fox Industries

I don’t usually go a bundle for self-published curios, but in this case I’m going to make an exception. As far as I can gather Barry Fox is a local fellow who makes bizarro art and artefacts in the manner of Jean-Michel Basquiat having a fever dream breakdown (as well as the occasional snow globe featuring the fizogs of Fred and Rosemary West). One of his weapons of choice is collage and that is very much to the fore in this publication which packs more laughs into its 44 pages than I would have thought possible. So we get Holbein’s famous portrait of Henry VIII, with the monarch’s distinctive features replaced by a Henry the Hoover; and a doctored cover of ‘The Joy of Sex’ book, which now reads ‘The Joy of Segs’ (with that bearded bloke snogging one of those bits of metal that people used to attach to the soles of their shoes). In Wetherspoons the Dalai Lama is asked by the barman if he wants a double for an extra pound and receives the reply: “Go on then. You only live an infinite number of times.” I laughed. Seek: