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The Everyday

The Everyday
Adam Cadwell, Great Beast, £11.99
Rather like last month’s Book Of The Month (‘Ellerbisms’ by Marc Ellerby, also published by Great Beast), The Everyday began as an autobiographical web-comic that has now been collected into a handsome book. Unlike Ellerbisms however, there is no great overriding theme to these 200 strips (Ellerbisms, principally, was the story of a relationship between a young man and woman), but we do get the chance to take a peek into the life of Adam Cadwell, a comic book artist living in Manchester. Some of the Big Stuff of life (job losses, falling in love) is addressed but it’s those fleeting little moments which occur each day which are Cadwell’s main focus: A bee flies into his lips while out walking (“I kissed a bee!”); he can’t find the Jaffa Cakes in the supermarket (“I’VE GONE JAFFA CAKE BLIND!!!”); sitting on the place when returning from holiday and adjusting his watch (“I felt a little sad as I changed the time, as if this small act marked the exact moment my holiday was over”). The cumulative effect builds up an accurate picture of a life as it is really lived - small act by small act. RM

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