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Dust On The Nettles

Dust On The Nettles
A.J. Blake, Troubador, £8.99
Nick Kellaway is a hedge fund manager, with offices in both Geneva and London, who has grown rich through managing other people’s money in unconventional ways… Naturally the financial crisis that began in 2008 sends a few waves crashing his way, but he aims to sit tight and ride out the storm. However, when he receives a phone call from a woman claiming to be Janice Day – someone with who he was prepared to take a different path in life with, but someone he thought had died many years ago – several spanners are thrown into his carefully ordered life. This is something of a doorstopper of a novel and takes readers right back into the revolutionary student politics of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as the murky world of high fiancé, and wades through rape, murder, espionage, terrorism and scams a-go-go. The author has worked in investment banking for many years so obviously knows what he’s talking about on that front, but he’s also managed to produce a compelling tale which is replete with all manner of twists and turns. GM