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The Crack Magazine


Halcyon & Tenderfoot #4

Art Heroes are a local enterprise who hold comicbook workshops aimed at getting young people interested in the creative side of comics. Naturally, they themselves produce comics – again, aimed at the younger end of the market – and this is the final issue in the first volume of their Halcyon & Tenderfoot mini-series in which, as is the wont with the final issues of a mini-series, things come to a head. Tenderfoot is the 11-year-old son of Halcyon, and a fledging superhero himself, who has to grow up extraordinarily quickly when Halycon bites the dust in issue one. Needless to say the hot-headed Tenderfoot gets in pursuit of his father’s killer and the first volume of the series ends in suitably action-packed fashion. Each frame is bursting with vitality and momentum and the story manages to pack in plenty of colourful characters without sacrificing a pulsating plot. 


hilke 2.png