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The Complete David Bowie

Nicholas Pegg, Titan Books, 19.99

Why is David Bowie continually referred to as the ‘Chameleon of Pop’? Aren’t chameleons chiefly known for their ability to blend into the background - something surely no one can ever accuse Bowie of? (I consider him the Penguin of Pop. A penguin wearing a hat bearing the legend: “Magnificent Music For Now People”.)

Nicholas Pegg stays clear of such leaden chameleon clichés in this superb book on the work of the man which is now in its 6th edition and has been expanded to 700 picture free pages. Each one of his songs is dissected (with some entries running to thousands of words) along with all the albums, all the tours (with set lists for every live show), his acting career and plenty more besides (including the videos, BBC radio sessions, his artwork, internet stuff etc). For many this remains the definitive book on Bowie’s output and, with more stuff on the way from the Penguin of Pop, I doubt it’ll be the last revamp. Essential. RM