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scorpio08.jpg NOVEMBER 12


21st March – 20th April

The feeling of being at an important crossroads regarding certain situations is strong for you during first week of November in particular. And there could be some literal crossroads to encounter as travel is also highlighted this month, which might include a change of direction or a return or reconnection with places or faces from the past. Love and romance brings unexpected twists and turns too, and there’s plenty of excitement and intensity if you are okay letting go of some emotional baggage from the past. Allow relationships to transform with their reminders of who you are now, not who you were then.


21st April – 21st May

It’s all about relationships this month, whether friends, family, work colleagues or significant others, you are focused on finding the right harmony and balance that brings the best out between you and others, without anyone having to compromise their priorities. Agreements and contracts with others are important too, particularly what it takes to make you sign on the dotted line. The new moon eclipse on the 13th highlights all this, symbolising the transformation taking place within many of your relationships; moving forward in new ways with some, while leaving others in the past where they belong.


22nd May – 21st June

Your ruling planet Mercury begins a retrograde phase from the 5th, which indicates the urge to review or assess the current status of relationships, partnerships, contracts and agreements. It’s ok to take time out to re-read the small print, or just to allow things to stall slightly, as the forward momentum resumes from the 26th, when events speak of a turning point for you related to all this. On the 28th, a lunar eclipse in your sign points to you being the focus of attention or energy in some way. Whatever way this manifests, it brings out the very best in you.


22nd June – 22nd July

It’s eclipse season again, which is always big news for you, as the moon is your ruling planet. Eclipses symbolise important turning points or markers in your current path, especially in the emotional sense, and events around an eclipse often carry extra or long-term significance in some way. On the 13th a solar eclipse spotlights creativity, fun and romance, indicating enjoyment and the pursuit of happiness as an increasing focus for you. Then on the 28th there’s a health and fitness themed lunar eclipse, which suggests a change of approach towards this area of your life, along with your daily schedule in general.


23rd July – 23rd August

Your focus is now heavily towards home environment and family matters but especially so around the 13th when an important solar eclipse indicates your interest in clarifying what you want now and in future in this area of your life. Events around eclipse time often turn out to be more significant than first appears, so don’t underestimate the power of certain situations to resonate with more impact over the coming weeks or months. Your increased stamina, especially for problem-solving, makes you a force to be reckoned with from the 17th, and you have your party head on, big time, from the 22nd.



24th August – 22nd September

There’s transformation in the air this month, with events grandly designed to be catalysts for change, just where it’s needed most. This is evident especially during the first and final week of November, when your ruler Mercury retrogrades from the 5th (appears to move backwards), prompting some introspection or retrospection related to home and family matters leading to a turning point or change of direction around eclipse time on the 28th. Communication is a big theme too, much seems to rest on or revolve around it right now, especially midmonth when your heightened intuition helps you read between the lines, to your advantage.


23rd September – 23rd October

You’re not usually one for rocking the boat but this month might be an exception; your ruling planet, balance seeking Venus, is strong in your sign till 22nd, amplifying your belief in justice and fairness for all, while the prevailing environment encourages you to shout your cause loud enough to startle everyone at times, including you. It’s not all crusading though, romance mellows you from the 8th, and a new moon eclipse on the 13th ushers in important new beginnings related to finances and resources; as a result you’re feeling disciplined enough to tackle important projects linked to home or family from the 24th.


24th October – 22nd November

You are developing a highly structured and disciplined approach right now,  much to the relief of those who prefer you do rather than they do, and as November can be quite emotionally intense at times (first week and final week in particular), this is the best approach for dealing with difficulties or positive potential. New moon eclipse in your sign on the 13th is an important marker or personal milestone for Scorpio, as eclipses symbolise long-term effects. It might just be a makeover or change of image somehow, but something or someone is making you see yourself very differently this month.


23rd November – 21st December

There’s a feeling of being at a crossroads during November; especially around the 5th, when Mercury, planet of communication and cognition, begins a retrograde phase in your sign (where it appears to move backwards), suggesting a change of direction in your approach to certain situations, leading to a review or reconnection with ideas, information, or contacts you thought you left behind. The sun begins its annual journey through your sign from the 22nd, indicating it’s your time to shine, and a relationship themed full moon eclipse on the 28th speaks of soul mates and support in both love and business matters.


22nd December – 20th January

There’s a strong focus on your friendships this month, as well as involvement with groups, gatherings, or networking. The planets suggest this is the month you’ll find more like-minded folk who have the common sense to think as you do on important matters. Planet patterns during first week indicate a possible career ladder link to this, while an eclipse on the 13th speaks of important new beginnings coming your way. From the 17th action planet Mars moves into your sign, meaning powerful momentum and motion forward in your favourite situations, particularly so from the 26th.


21st January – 18th February

Transformation is in store: work, career, status, long-term plans and ambition; it’s all in the spotlight somehow this month as the planets are busy in this area of your chart. A new moon eclipse on the 13th embodies this message in general; that there are important new beginnings and doors opening over the coming weeks and months to fulfil your current intentions. The first week of Nov might bring key communication too, but don’t be put off if it’s not the smoothest of atmospheres; any ups and downs are temporary. Romance is important too this month; especially around the first and final week.


19th February – 20th March

Travel, education and learning are powerful themes for you during November. The first week of the month brings changes of direction on a few matters, especially involving career or status, which might help break a stalemate that has been building. Around the 13th there’s an important solar eclipse, important because eclipses symbolise new beginnings and choices emerging. Again this is linked to travel and education for you, and carries with it the message to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. From the 22nd your focus on long-term plans and ambitions increases, and events around the 26th will sweeten your mood considerably.