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Music Editorial

nenainredsky.jpg Local: Nena In The Red Sky

Instead of looking as glum as a Tuesday afternoon, it’s nice to see a band enjoying themselves isn’t it?

Nena In The Red Sky? What sort of name is that? One that’s unlikely to have been chosen by another band, that’s what; and the four-piece have been creating waves on the Bishop Auckland music scene of late especially with the launch of their debut single, Loner, on the Fuzz Foundry label. They’re fronted by Dalena Santana (and yes, that is her real name by all accounts – perfect isn’t it?) who has a fabulous voice being, as it is, a combination of sweetness and strength that soars neatly over the soulful shuffle-pop provided by the band (step forward and take a bow Paul Heslop, Matthew Peart and Alex Whitley). And judging by that first single, the band appeared to have arrived fully formed, which isn’t something you can say too much these days…

Seek: facebook.com/NenaInTheRedSky