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Music Editorial

bytoutatis.jpg Local Scene: By Toutatis

By Toutatis – a four-piece if you please – look like they mean business, don’t they? Thankfully for us, it’s a good bit of business.

Picture, if you can, a carnival, but a carnival held on a ship bobbing around on the high-seas. And whatever the conditions - sometimes in the dark, sometimes with the light breaking through the clouds – the carnival carries relentlessly, and gloriously, on. That’s what By Toutatis’ new album The Songs We Sang To Death sounds like: dark folk shanties which pitch and yaw with the emotions that the band manage to conjure and let swirl up around them. Dramatic (sometimes quietly so, sometimes with all their sails billowing) this Saltburn-by-the-Sea four-piece have echoes of Tindersticks and Scott Walker, but they’ve got a distinctive sound all of their own which sounds to me very much like aural treasure. Time to discover them and dig some up for yourself.

Seek: www.bytoutatis.com