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Local scene: Lehi

Lehi is a rising star from Hartlepool who makes the kind of luscious pop music that I can absolutely get behind.

What do we talk about when we talk about “vibes”? Some artists just have it, artists like The Weeknd, a fella who makes the kind of pop music that feels effortless but memorable, and just so damn slinky. Another fella who conjures up vibes is Lehi. He pulls together melodies that have a sheen to them, melodies that are thrumming with subtle hooks, and melodies that give you the kind of dopamine hit that can lift your very soul. It also helps that he has one of those voices that you can really sink in to. His last single ‘Shut The Door’ is the perfect demonstration of all of the above, being, as it is, a delectable poppy bop that sounds box-fresh and zingy in all the right places. There’s already a justifiable buzz about Lehi, and it’s a buzz that’s only going to increase ahead of the release of his debut EP, which is due towards the end of this year, or early next. DP

Seek: You can find Lehi’s first couple of singles on Spotify etc.