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Pagan gods of metal

LN are one of the region’s most distinctive bands and their bracing brand of pagan metal – which comes with liberal dollops of Viking derring-do and no little witchery – is a real tour-do-force. They’re playing The Grove in Newcastle this July.

If you’re going to get dolled-up like LN then you better have the tunes to match, and – oh, man! – have LN got the tunes to match. They have an incredibly exciting sound that draws from the best of melodic metal, those riffs towering skywards and with the kind of vocals that hit the very back row, but they also have that extra something, too – let’s call it that pagan/Viking spirit. They only released their debut single ‘Hangman’s Son’ in 2022 and with it they hit the ground running, displaying a tightness and sense of purpose that many other bands never find no matter how long they’ve been together. Further singles followed including ‘Broken Hearts’ (full of choppy riffage and anthemic vibes) and their latest ‘Mothers’ (with its ancient folky air and real sense of drama). Both tracks speak of a band looking to push themselves into new and interesting directions and you can check out exactly which way they’re going when they play The Grove this summer. DP

LN, Friday 19 July, The Grove, Newcastle, 7pm, £10,

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