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Our Crack Tongue & Groove

whatfreshinsanity.jpg What fresh hell is this?

The Insanity Workout is aptly named because you’d have to be totally insane to buy it.

I’ve always been suspicious of people who exercise. Every hour spent peddling furiously on a bike that doesn’t move, or looking for a public swimming pool that remains open, is an hour spent not reading a book. Show me a person with an unfeasibly griddled stomach and I’ll show you someone not nearly well enough versed in the collected works of Jane Austen. Exercise DVDs are my real bugbear. (At least with gyms you can go with mates and then hit the cheap pizzas and pubs afterwards.) The current fad du jour is Shaun T’s Insanity Workout. This comes with 10 DVDs, and nutrition guide, and aims to give you a 60-day intensive programme in which no extra equipment is required. No extra equipment? To me, that’s not a selling point. You’re basically forking out 100 quid plus (yep – that’s the price) so that an angry man can shout at you while you’re doing sit-ups. Great. It’s received plenty of 5-star reviews on Amazon so some people must like it, although one of the few 1-star thumbs-downs caught my eye. Headed “Get tested first!” it states: “My husband literally dropped dead doing this programme on 16/10/2012. It turned out he had advance heart disease and shouldn’t have been exercising at all but he was a fit guy, military and just returned from 9 months in Afghanistan”. (I wonder how long she toyed with that perky exclamation mark - “Get tested first!” - in light of her husband’s demise.) She finishes, rather fairmindedly given the circumstances, “I would not personally give it house room” and, despite Amazon’s clutch of glowing testimonies, I’m with her.