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Local: Brick

This Tyneside duo – consisting of Bridie Jackson and Nick Pierce – are fairly new on the scene, but their handful of tracks have already made a strong play for my affections.

Bridie Jackson is a name I know well, as she was a huge part of Bridie Jackson and The Arbour, a very well regarded quartet who were good enough to win the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Contest in 2013. She’s also had her fingers in plenty of other pies too including composing for theatre, opera, dance, and film – and she’s produced sound art for exhibitions. During the first national lockdown she teamed up with viola player Nick Pierce, and the work the pair are now producing, as Brick, is quite extraordinary. Tracks such as first single ‘Blanket of Love’ (featuring Jackson on keyboard and vocals, and Pierce on viola and synth) are imbued with a keenly wrought stillness and strength that clutch at your heart. (When Jackson sings, “I’ll keep you safe if only for today” I’m hanging on every word). Recent single ‘Winter Song’ is another one that gets me right there, with its meditative reflections on time passing and the promise of new dawns. In short: only good stuff awaits those who seek them out. DP