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Fancy a Swift one?

Swiftogeddon is the Taylor Swift club night that is quite literally sweeping the nation. It’s in Stockton this September.

I thought about trying to get tickets to see Taylor Swift in Edinburgh next year, but then I thought about the ticket price, the travel, and the overnight accommodation. Then I thought about my gas bill. As much as I love Swiftie, I just can’t afford to call on her in person. But the next best thing is Swiftogeddon. This club night has been playing to packed houses up and down the UK and is THE best place to head is you want to hear non-stop Swiftie all night. And I’m not just talking about ‘Shake It Off’ etc. They play deep cuts and extended mixes along with all the hits. She’s now nine albums deep into her career, so her well is deep. What’s your fave? DP

Swiftogeddon, Friday 29 September, Georgian Theatre, Stockton, 10pm, £7/£9,