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shaun the sheep.png

Sheep deprived?

How may Shaun the Sheeps can you handle? 10? 20? 50? More? Brace yourself for the amazing ‘Shaun the Sheep on the Tyne Art Trail’.

This summer I’m going sheep rustling. My aim? To track down each and every single Shaun the Sheep that have been dotted around some of Tyneside’s most iconic locations. 45 large Shaun sculptures, and 70 smaller ones, make up the ‘Shaun the Sheep on the Tyne Art Trail’, and it’s going to be quite the adventure to find every one. However, I’ve got my trusty flask at the ready and reckon I’m up to the job. The art trail is presented by, and is raising funds for, St. Oswald’s Hospice, who have partnered with creative producers Wild in Art, Shaun the Sheep creator Aardman, and Newcastle City Council, to bring this unique art adventure our way. A map and app will aid intrepid adventurers across the accessible trail, which will help them discover each sculpture and unlock a series of rewards and fun facts. And when the trail ends, in September, the super-sized Shaun sculptures will be auctioned off to raise funds for St Oswald’s Hospice. Flock and roll!

Shaun the Sheep on the Tyne Art Trail runs until 27 September. More info: